Some (relatively) quick fixes

So when I bought the house, there were TONS of track lighting. HOT track lighting (and not in a good kind of way) with halogens. Track lighting in the living room and in the hallway. So I decided to take them down (after I painted the hall) and as I removed them, I decided to take down the popcorn too. 

Yes so that is how it all began. Here are some of the before and after pics. 


1. Do not paint walls before depopcorning. 

2. Not all ceiling paints in white is really white. I’ve found Benjamin Moore – Waterborne paint and that is a beautiful, brilliant white. (Thanks Sanders!)

3. Have caulk handy just in case (I’ve been putting a bead of it at the joint where the ceiling and walls meet.

4. Prime the ceiling with some sand for texture and make DAMN SURE it is fully dry before putting on the BM paint. 

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