Door hardware

Here is another Emtek model that is in the running.


It would also look good with the Stuttgart. 

Love this brand of door hardware

I discovered Emtek door hardware today. They feel heavier than Schlage which had been my choice.

I also discovered that I wasn’t THAT keen on the Century handleset with Latitude levers. I hadn’t seen it at the big box stores but was able to see and touch them at BMC (a builders supply store). They felt too squared off but at the same time, not hefty enough, which I’d want, for security. 

Emtek on the other hand, felt significantly weightier. The Stuttgart levers are tubular and had the option of either the round or square rosette. I’m going for the square. Most of it will need to be special ordered, I believe because there are so many combinations available. 

The sales guy said Baldwin was actually even more expensive (I guess their big box line is a lower grade?) but thought Emtek had better quality.

Yes, I’m picky since I really want a sleek, modern look but I think in the end, I’ll be very happy. 

Baby steps…lots of baby steps. 

To Depopcorn or Not to Depopcorn

That, has been the million dollar question. 

I was going to rent scaffolding and a sprayer to paint the ceiling because it would hopefully soften the popcorny look and make it look less dingy and grey. 

Since I would need to get the scaffolding regardless (vaulted ceilings, up to 14’ I believe) and paint, regardless, I was thinking of whether or not I just want to half-ass my way and just apply paint over the stuff or take down popcorn and smooth things out. 

I know there will be imperfections, they were there in all the ceilings I took down last year. BUT, it will look better and with the paint I use, it will be ultra flat white. 

So yeah, while it will be harder work, I’d be happier with the end result. Kitties might not like being sequestered but they won’t want to be walking on wet, icky plaster crap either. 

I think my project plate has grown once again. I have a list that will, no doubt, keep me busy. 

Spare Bath Fixture Idea?

I saw this at the local Ferguson Bath and Kitchen store. I don’t think I’ll be buying from them though. I was put off by their snobbiness. 

The other collection I liked was Vero

But it might be too angular with what I am doing… I think the Grail series will soften things a little. 

Spare Bath Fixtures

Interesting way to repurpose blue painters tape



It’s been a while since our first “Inspired by…” post in which designer Brad Ascalon created a concept baginspired by the Ultrabook. The reason I started this Inspired by… series was to give designers the opportunity to explore new materials and push the boundaries of what’s possible as well as give us a peek into the design process. But, most of all, it’s just plain fun.

And what’s more fun than tearing off strips of blue tape after you’ve painted a wall, forming a giant tape ball indicative of all your hard work? It’s satisfying, really, when you squish all that tape together into that giant mass of stickyness. And that idea was the starting point for the following project.

Cool idea

Tile idea



I don’t think I posted a copy of my flooring idea yet. I know I posted several pieces of tile before but nothing final. 

It is a bad picture but it is a porcelain tile made by Emser, called Sakai. I like that it has, what looks to be, strands of color – grey, black, browns – in an almost organic looking pattern. 

I am thinking of putting this through the hallway and kitchen as well. Floyd and Puck like having some tile in the house during the warmer months so I think it will work.