Love this brand of door hardware

I discovered Emtek door hardware today. They feel heavier than Schlage which had been my choice.

I also discovered that I wasn’t THAT keen on the Century handleset with Latitude levers. I hadn’t seen it at the big box stores but was able to see and touch them at BMC (a builders supply store). They felt too squared off but at the same time, not hefty enough, which I’d want, for security. 

Emtek on the other hand, felt significantly weightier. The Stuttgart levers are tubular and had the option of either the round or square rosette. I’m going for the square. Most of it will need to be special ordered, I believe because there are so many combinations available. 

The sales guy said Baldwin was actually even more expensive (I guess their big box line is a lower grade?) but thought Emtek had better quality.

Yes, I’m picky since I really want a sleek, modern look but I think in the end, I’ll be very happy. 

Baby steps…lots of baby steps. 


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