Floor Tile

Floor tile

Right now, Emser Strands Olive is the top choice for floor tiles. I’m looking at 12’x24’ ones for that modern, cleaner look. 

I need to check the local Daltile showroom though just to eliminate their choices. Some of their stuff is made in Oklahoma so it would be nice to stay local. 

For the spare bath wall tile, I’ve got some ideas when I was at the Emser showroom yesterday but they’re natural stone and unless I can get them reclaimed, I really don’t want newly quarried stuff (trying to be as earth friendly as I can). I’ll check the re-Store to see what they have as well.

Ideally, I’d like to get rectangular tiles (like subway ones) but a more modern palette or texture just in keeping with the modern, yet retro look I like. 

Cladding a wall

Reclaimed Wood Idea

I love this idea of using old, reclaimed wood and adding it to a wall. I’d love to do that to this piece because it is just so blah. Plus, I couldn’t have to worry about baseboards either :). 

Now I REALLY need a laser miter saw and a nail gun. 

(oh, don’t mind the cat toys on the floor.)

Hello new light!

My lighting project

I took out the vanity light fixture in the spare bath. Then, I saw that there was no junction box like it was supposed to.

So, I decided to add it myself and was slightly deterred by my coworker that insisted I needed to call an electrician to do it. I mean, I can understand if it was to pull new wire but this was basically cutting a hole in the drywall and installing the box. I got the one with the tabs but the tabs fell as I was putting it on. I hate those things so I ended up getting another one that seems more secure – along with anchor screws for the fixture. The stuff they supply in the kits are weak.

It is up now and looks pretty cool – modern but a little retro at the same time. I still need to fix the wall around it which I’ll do when it comes time to paint. 

Light for Spare Bath?

I think I found my lighting solution for my spare bath. As you can see from the picture, the current light fixture is fairly low which leaves a huge empty space above. I think I found my lighting solution

The height is 10 inches which would give the needed height. I also wanted something that was a little more unique than what you’d see in the big box stores. The conical shape is what caught my eye. 

I’m gonna mull it over for a bit first though. 🙂

Update on Reclaimed Floors

Now doing more research, it might not be possible because I have a slab floor and would, in theory, have to add a plywood subfloor before the actual wood. 

I think engineered might be the way to go but I’ll do more research and actually talk to flooring people (other than the Lumber Liquidator or Floor Decor folks). Maybe I’ll actually visit one of the reclaimed wood places and talk to them. 

UPDATE — it looks like reclaimed engineered flooring is available but will need to be sourced. I’ve got time :).

Damn you, HGTV

I blame HGTV for all these home projects. I’m now entertaining the idea of using reclaimed wood for flooring.

I was already going to use hand scraped because it adds character so why not go that extra step and get reclaimed – true character AND it is from wood harvested long ago.

I will have to do the cost analysis but if it’s doable, I might go that route.