New Idea for a Project

Future table

I had gotten this cedar stump last summer and had wrapped sisal rope around it. It was going to be a scratching post for the kitties.

They don’t use it other than to jump onto it and then onto another piece of furniture.

I will be sanding the top and staining it soon to make into a side table. I don’t know if I’ll add legs to it or not it is a pretty good height and fits my laptop. Not much else but it could be a cool piece of furniture. 🙂

This should be pretty easy…sand/plane the top smooth, stain and seal.

Idea for my Expedit Shelves

Shelving Idea

I have a couple Ikea Expedit units like the second pic and was going to line the entire wall with it. Then I saw the MCM look with the pipe fittings.

I think I can use my Expedits and have them supported on metal pipes and have them under my wide screen and then have pipe shelving around it. This way, I can build it as I go.

I think this will give a more modern twist to the classic Mid-Century Modern look.

I’ll try to use reclaimed materials as much as I can too.

Quick! change of plans! GAH!!!!

So I bought a tower fan for the master bedroom in preparation for the chandelier.

Damn thing isn’t as cool as the ceiling fan.

So, *sigh* I’m going to take the ceiling fan down in the office and hang the new fixture there. The tower will work in that room since I don’t sleep in there.

I’ll probably move that fan into the spare since the spare one is a bit noisy.

Some cool MCM Ideas

Midcentury Modern love

I was in central Austin today and saw some really cool stuff.

The table was cool because it was different and if I can find the wood, I can totally make one (and save hundreds).

The couch is so fun – I totally want to find some old couch or sectional with the right shape & legs and then get it reupholstered.

I’ll be keeping my eyes open for cool chairs too. 🙂

House Ideas

I think this is what started my whole stenciling idea. I still want to do something like this…maybe once I take down the popcorn in the living room I can make this happen.

I KNOW I’ll need to retouch the paint once the plaster comes off so I’ll wait until after that’s done to see if there is a wall I can kick up several notches by doing this. 🙂

House Ideas

Coffee Table Idea

Coffee Table Ideas

My current coffee table is huge – 40” x 40”. I want something a little smaller and like the free form looking ones here.

I love the hairpin legs too. It gives the MCM look I love. Maybe I can find a unique piece for the top to do this.

I wouldn’t get rid of my current table. I’d probably sand it and use a marine varnish so I could use it outdoors once I get my outdoor space created.