Proposed Pipe Shelving Design

Pipe shelving idea –

With my Ikea Expedit shelves. I’m liking the offset idea and that will work just as easily as the first version.

Vaulted Ceiling is DONE!

Final day of my ceiling project and I’m proud to say, I’m done.

I included a before pic (realtor photo) to show how it was when I first moved in.

I probably could have not done this marathon, crazy lady project work but I was really motivated to get rid of that popcorn stuff. Plus when I threw the primer/texture paint, it looked sort of blushy purple. Um, yeah…no.

The middle pic – I was nearly done and wanted to snap a pic before it got dark. -Like the last pic. And yes…I was lazy and didn’t want to disassemble the ceiling fan so I fashioned a drape over it. 🙂

I’m still not entirely done… as you can see from the last photo, I still need to touch up the walls and the side walls (non-vaulted sides) will be repainted to full strength Flora. Currently, it is 50% less intense. Painting the walls will be CAKE after this! LOL. The big TV won’t go up until that is done. (MOTIVATION!)

One thing I did realize when I got done was I probably need to rethink the flooring…at the very least, for the main living area. I need to do a bit lighter or else it’ll look like I live underground or something. 🙂

Oh, I also realized, from looking at the old listing photos that I had installed the vents backwards nearly 2 years ago when I spray painted them. WOW, what a difference in putting them the right direction!

Now for that yuck job of cleaning. :-/

Revamp of my Ceiling Fan

Celing Fan is COMPLETE!

This was my master bedroom ceiling fan. It was white and came with those frosted glass, bell shaped shades. I never used those and instead hung a home made, GIGANTIC drum shade to hide the downturn lights. 

As i finished out my office with the chandelier, I ended up switching out the ceiling fan for a smaller one knowing that I’ll end up replacing my current living room fan as I take down popcorn.

The first pic is/was the current fan – part monstrosity, part phallic symbol (?!) and very UGLY. It just brought down the whole room!

I finally took that down and it was a pain in the arse but it will find itself at the Habitat Restore soon. 

Meanwhile, I started to spray paint parts of the newer fan with Rustoleum’s Dark Steel – seriously, it is my go-to color now. My coworker likes their Oil-Rubbed Bronze and I had used it too until I discovered Dark Steel. 

I also thought of an artsy alternative to the stupid shades. My company is doing some renovations in the offices so a lot of office supplies were put in the “Free, Take Me” tables. Remember transparencies and overhead projectors? Totally dating myself but I used some for my idea. 

I borrowed the “marbled nail polish” technique for the clear plastic, opting for bold colors like the oranges and pinks with a little of the blues. I secured them with small brad thingies that are in the scrapbooking section of art stores and formed them into cones. 

After taking down the nasty popcorn and priming it, I painted a patch so I could mount the ceiling fan ASAP. LOL – yes, I’m impatient. 

Being on the fifth step of an 8ft step ladder is S-C-A-R-Y. More-so when one of the wood screws couldn’t go in with my regular drill. I had to use my impact one and the jarring really scared me. Eeps, I started sweating so bad!

I managed to get it up and wired up the downrod. Then made damn sure the thing was secure before adding the canopy. 

The next step was to hook up the wires from the motor part to the downrod. It used these funny connectors and I had to ask my neighbor for a crimping tool. (Thanks Brad!) 

Yeah, some people ask their neighbors for a cup of sugar, I ask for tools. 

Once that was done, I had to maneuver the motor part so it could hook onto the downrod.  

I turned the breaker back on after putting a lightbulb in. 



Finally added the fan blades and the rest of the bulbs and shades. 


Ceiling Project – Day 3

Ceiling – Day 3
You’re not mistaken in thinking my ceiling looks pink. It sort of is. For the primer coat I add painters sand to add just a little texture – the scraped ceiling isn’t completely smooth. So to compensate, I add just a little extra to the paint.

It also means I won’t waste the Benjamin Moore stuff :).

In the past, I have used the paint color the previous owner left. I knew I didn’t have quite enough for the entire ceiling so I bought a couple cans of oops paint. (Behr paint smells!)

My supervisors kept a close eye on me most of the afternoon.

Another thing about priming is to avoid the peeling like you see in the third pic. Luckily I had some plaster of Paris I bought for another project. I mixed some up and fixed the peeling paper.

I also decided to go ahead and paint the ceiling around the AC vents so I can have it on tomorrow. 🙂 I ended up using Dolphin. I personally think it is a chinchilla color – warm and rich. 🙂

Ceiling Project – Day 2


It is done! The second half of the ceiling didn’t take as long despite the fact I had longer breaks today. It was nice that I managed to work rather quickly too because I was getting tired and then realized when I was done, that all I had eaten today was Torchy’s breakfast tacos. (Fueled by Diablo Sauce)

I think it was dustier than the other side. Much of the joint compound or whatever that stuff is didn’t come off in sheets no matter how much I wetted. I didn’t want to risk damaging or gauging a hole out so I knocked down as much of the texture as possible. 

One thing I learned from yesterday was to keep my caulk gun hooked on the ladder. I needed it when the paper tape joining the ceiling to the wall tore. I probably should have used mesh tape but honestly I didn’t have the energy to tape and mud. This is latex caulk and I think I used enough to prevent it from really getting bad. 

The good thing was I was more careful today so there wasn’t a whole lot of gaps. 

Tomorrow is the texture primer paint stuff. I’m hoping it will be sunny so maybe by tomorrow night I could, at the very least, paint the beam the ceiling color so I could mount the fan (which is all painted now). 

Cleaning sucked but it is definitely incentive now to get wood floors. Wood or bamboo. 🙂

I also had to buy more pipe for the shelving idea. I didn’t take into consideration the additional length from using the connectors. No worries though, the stuff I have will be put into use. It was good too, drilling into the Expedit, I found some sort of metal support I’m hoping it won’t be throughout the entire shelf. 

Ceiling Project – Day 1

Weekend project – day one

I didn’t start scraping today until after 1 and managed to get half way. It was hard work because I took down the lights and turned the breaker off in order to spray and scrape.

Well, it was a stormy day so my lack of light started to me an issue in the late afternoon (when I usually get sun). Tomorrow I’ll do the other side and while I’m scraping, I’m going to texture the scraped side. I figure any dust that gets on that paint will add to the texture as there were parts where they came off in sheets. 

Tomorrow’s side will also have my back to the windows so that means I’ll have better vision. 

Bought some pipes this morning and had to degrease them before spray painting them. I used a flat black. I think many of the DIY sites I saw used glossy but I thought the flat black would add to the aged look. 

And the last pic? Well during one of the thunderstorms, a deer appeared in my backyard. I was shocked but Floyd and Puck not so much. Made me wonder if this was a normal occurrence. 

Speaking of F&P, they supervised, for the most part. They were quite fascinated with the plastic and tore around the room as I was prepping. 

The icky stuff that fell (mostly) on the tarps and the carpet didn’t faze them at all either. They’re not good painter buddies. :-/ Ceiling fan is all but done. The ugly looking thing is down. I just need a downrod which I’ll pick up tomorrow. 


My current projects

I will be starting my popcorn project tomorrow. 

At the same time I’m scraping that stuff off, I’ll be finishing up on spray painting the ceiling fan. 

Also, since my Expedit units are detached from the wall, I’m going to be beginning the pipe shelving idea. I even have a list of plumbing supplies I’ll be buying tomorrow when I go to grab paint. 

While I’m not starting it this weekend, I am still looking at fabric. I actually went to fabric stores today and looked/touched different materials. Sadly, I think all the cute stuff I had been drooling over won’t work. I need a canvas type material for durability and be Floyd and Puck resistant. 

It wasn’t exactly what I was initially looking for…a coral & teal print, I love the design. It’s modern and retro at the same time. PLUS, the price isn’t right. Hopefully they’ll have enough for me to buy. 

Okay, that’s all for now. I’ll be blogging the progress this weekend. 🙂

More Fabric Ideas

I think I’ve found my contenders.

No, the large photo in the middle doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily go with that one. I like the vinyl (records) design but I don’t at the same time.

While I love the atomic fabric on the bottom row, I think it IS too kitschy for 2 storage ottomans. I think if I found something truly from the 50-60s with that atomic design like a post card or a small print, I could put it on display.

Bottom row middle is probably the least favorite of the contenders. It has too many purples in the design.

Bottom left has birds which add to the whimsy of the fabric but it has funky flowers too all in a grayish background. I also like that there are lights and darks of the blues and oranges/corals.

That brings me to the top left. Again, there is the okay in colors like the bottom left but in a more sophisticated pattern. It looks more grown up but the colors keep it from being stuffy.

Top right is fun and is one of the top contenders. My only concern is the light background because I know the cats will take ownership of them.

There was one more I debated on whether it to add and that was the diamond-like pattern. Maybe it was the bad angle but I wasn’t quite feeling it even though I liked the geometric pattern.