Paint Swatches for Living Room Ceiling

Ceiling for my living room

Here are my swatches and I have until Memorial Day weekend to decide on the color.

After getting them home and putting them up high were the wall met ceiling (tape on popcorn doesn’t stick), I almost immediately eliminated the darkest color, Iron Mountain.

The tannish color, Meditation is close to being eliminated because it looks too yellow in some lights but in others, it looks fine.

That leaves the 2 similar, dark taupey grey colors, Chelsea Gray (the larger swatch) and Dolphin.

Under CFL light (2nd pic) Dolphin stands out. I don’t know if that is also because the wall was Flora (minus 50% intensity either).

I then took the swatches into the dining room that is painted entirely of Flora and depopcorned. There, I stuck it up onto the ceiling to get a better view (photo 3 & 4). Iron Mountain was gone. Three was with natural light and 4 was with the dining room light (LED) on.

Meditation didn’t look that bad but still not 100% sold on it. It’s still up there though.

Last night I moved them back to the living room and into the corner where there is the least amount of light (pic 5). And the view this morning when I moved them once again so they hugged that corner.

I think Chelsea Gray is just a shade lighter than Dolphin. Both would look awesome and should warm up that room. I’m sort of waffling between the colors but I think by next week, I’ll decide.


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