More Fabric Ideas

I think I’ve found my contenders.

No, the large photo in the middle doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily go with that one. I like the vinyl (records) design but I don’t at the same time.

While I love the atomic fabric on the bottom row, I think it IS too kitschy for 2 storage ottomans. I think if I found something truly from the 50-60s with that atomic design like a post card or a small print, I could put it on display.

Bottom row middle is probably the least favorite of the contenders. It has too many purples in the design.

Bottom left has birds which add to the whimsy of the fabric but it has funky flowers too all in a grayish background. I also like that there are lights and darks of the blues and oranges/corals.

That brings me to the top left. Again, there is the okay in colors like the bottom left but in a more sophisticated pattern. It looks more grown up but the colors keep it from being stuffy.

Top right is fun and is one of the top contenders. My only concern is the light background because I know the cats will take ownership of them.

There was one more I debated on whether it to add and that was the diamond-like pattern. Maybe it was the bad angle but I wasn’t quite feeling it even though I liked the geometric pattern.

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