Ceiling Project – Day 1

Weekend project – day one

I didn’t start scraping today until after 1 and managed to get half way. It was hard work because I took down the lights and turned the breaker off in order to spray and scrape.

Well, it was a stormy day so my lack of light started to me an issue in the late afternoon (when I usually get sun). Tomorrow I’ll do the other side and while I’m scraping, I’m going to texture the scraped side. I figure any dust that gets on that paint will add to the texture as there were parts where they came off in sheets. 

Tomorrow’s side will also have my back to the windows so that means I’ll have better vision. 

Bought some pipes this morning and had to degrease them before spray painting them. I used a flat black. I think many of the DIY sites I saw used glossy but I thought the flat black would add to the aged look. 

And the last pic? Well during one of the thunderstorms, a deer appeared in my backyard. I was shocked but Floyd and Puck not so much. Made me wonder if this was a normal occurrence. 

Speaking of F&P, they supervised, for the most part. They were quite fascinated with the plastic and tore around the room as I was prepping. 

The icky stuff that fell (mostly) on the tarps and the carpet didn’t faze them at all either. They’re not good painter buddies. :-/ Ceiling fan is all but done. The ugly looking thing is down. I just need a downrod which I’ll pick up tomorrow. 


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