Ceiling Project – Day 2


It is done! The second half of the ceiling didn’t take as long despite the fact I had longer breaks today. It was nice that I managed to work rather quickly too because I was getting tired and then realized when I was done, that all I had eaten today was Torchy’s breakfast tacos. (Fueled by Diablo Sauce)

I think it was dustier than the other side. Much of the joint compound or whatever that stuff is didn’t come off in sheets no matter how much I wetted. I didn’t want to risk damaging or gauging a hole out so I knocked down as much of the texture as possible. 

One thing I learned from yesterday was to keep my caulk gun hooked on the ladder. I needed it when the paper tape joining the ceiling to the wall tore. I probably should have used mesh tape but honestly I didn’t have the energy to tape and mud. This is latex caulk and I think I used enough to prevent it from really getting bad. 

The good thing was I was more careful today so there wasn’t a whole lot of gaps. 

Tomorrow is the texture primer paint stuff. I’m hoping it will be sunny so maybe by tomorrow night I could, at the very least, paint the beam the ceiling color so I could mount the fan (which is all painted now). 

Cleaning sucked but it is definitely incentive now to get wood floors. Wood or bamboo. 🙂

I also had to buy more pipe for the shelving idea. I didn’t take into consideration the additional length from using the connectors. No worries though, the stuff I have will be put into use. It was good too, drilling into the Expedit, I found some sort of metal support I’m hoping it won’t be throughout the entire shelf. 

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