Next major project

I think will need to be flooring. The living room carpet looks horrible with paint splotches and I’m sure there is plaster dust from the depopcorning a couple weekends ago too.

Besides that, the kitties like to paw and claw at the edges since the carpet wasn’t installed right. 

Right now, I’ve taped down some areas with anything from packing tape to Hello Kitty “duck” tape. (stayin’ klassy there)

So yeah – I’ve been doing more research on options. I had been set on stranded bamboo but then started to read up more on the product. I realized that some of them have resins made of formaldehyde. So I am back to shopping for the right type of flooring.

This means I probably won’t be going to some of the discount flooring stores. This also means I’ll be spending a little more on flooring to get something without the VOCs and stuff. 

It needs to be harder than oak with no glues or resins made with harmful chemicals. I’m not dead set on handscraping now either. I think that might be too trendy. 

Ideally, I want a floor that I could use throughout the whole house. (Well, everywhere I want to add wood flooring to. So it can’t be too dark due to the painted, living room ceiling and I don’t want it too light (like that natural bamboo color). 

I’m also re-visiting the idea of using reclaimed wood as flooring. 

I have a really rough estimate now so I know what to expect price wise.

In the meantime, I’ll work on smaller (less expensive) projects. 


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