New color for the office

I’ve decided on a new color to replace Pewter in the office.

I’m keeping the turquoise but needed something lighter since the room is small and doesn’t get a whole lot of natural light.


I’m not quite sure how I’ll have the side walls. Currently the top half is turquoise while the bottom was Pewter – 50% less intensity and Pewter in a stenciled pattern.


My plan is to paint the back wall with the Lemon Ice and then figure the sides.

I also want to finish out the window too. Something similar to this.


Retro table refinish

When I bought this a couple weeks ago, there were some signs of wear so I needed to prep it for a new paint job.


I stripped most of the paint off.


Then primed it with a spray primer. I ran into some problems when I ran out just as I was adding primer coat #2. 😦 Luckily I had some flat black primer in the garage. (I’m hoping I won’t regret using that).

Just brushed on the first coat of high gloss paint- Benjamin Moore white heron. The second coat will be rolled on with a sponge roller.


Also, I managed to get absolutely MAULED by bugs while working in my garage.

Future Floor Lamp

For the past year or so I’ve been working on this light in the globe form.

Until a few months ago when I took it apart and tried a drum shape.

Fast forward to today. I took it apart again to make a cylindrical floor lamp. Right now, it stands about 14 inches. Ideally, I’d like it to be about 4 feet tall +/-.

I like the design and the fact it is made of tetrapaks. There is no glue – just strips of the tetrapak material folded.

It’s a good thing I drink a lot of coconut water (the majority of my material).


Edited – here it is without light and it is sitting on a small wood stump for now.


Metal surround for fireplace is cut

I’m one step closer to getting the fireplace complete.

I just finished cutting out the metal pieces that I’ll use for the surround.

The machine in the pic is a sheet metal cutter and greatest thing ever! It took me less than an hour to get everything cut. Had I used tin snips I’d still be cutting, I’m sure.

There is still a 3′ x 5′ piece left over. I think if I find the perfect salvaged desk, I’ll top it with the remaining.

Working with zinc for this project will also determine if I want to continue using it (spare bath surround? Kitchen backsplash?) or not.


Retro find!

I am now the happy owner of this table!

I saw it on Craigslist for $40 and ended up paying $30.

I don’t know if it is authentic mid-century modern but it has that retro look that will look awesome in my office.

I will need to re-paint and will keep the white but maybe use gloss finish for that glam feel.


Color change – maybe

photo-1I’m thinking the Pewter color is too much when paired with the turquoise.

My first idea was to get another color – softer grey perhaps. Then I thought maybe I should paint the entire room turquoise and then do white and grey furniture.

That way the accessories like the chandelier and the cool door and stuff will stand out.

I might try that first and if it is too Smurfy, I’ll tone things down with grey paint. 🙂

Eventually, I’d love to get a faux fur rug in there and just glam things up. I think I’m on the right track.

NOTE – I changed the pic it wouldn’t appear I was going to change out the chandelier. I would actually say, the chandelier helps in creating that glam look I’m looking for.

Fireplace Hearth

The last pic I had of the hearth, it was pretty plain. IMG_1257 I added a little more of the leftover concrete mix to give some trowel marks and to soften some of the harsher ridges.

My intent was to use something to stain it and then seal. At the same time, it was a small area so I didn’t really want to spend a lot of money buying some sort of stain. So I grabbed some pennies and added them to a solution of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to create a pretty blue color. I wasn’t sure if it would add color to the concrete or not. I also had some alcohol inks I made that didn’t work on my intended project. There was no rhyme or reason on how I added the color. I knew it would be hit or miss but I really wasn’t spending any money so it didn’t bother me.



This pic shows some of the blue from the copper solution but it didn’t last. I added some of the black alcohol ink (which turned out to be a murky, green color) and also some dark blue. Then I added some sealer that had the pigment added, using some of the more concentrated stuff in random areas.



I followed up with another coat of seal. As you can see, the blues and greens did stain the concrete and give it some character. There is still a shadow of the grout lines but I think it still works. 🙂

Taking a break this week but next week should be the beginning of the metal phase (hopefully the last phase of the project).