Concrete is fixed!

This morning I worked on the fireplace once again. I probably spent the about a half hour mixing the stuff in my garage though but I made enough.

I had a bit of a time constraint – I was going to watch WWZ at 2 so I allowed myself until about 1ish to finish.

I worked fairly quickly. The Deco-Poz was a little runny but I was tired of mixing the stuff. It troweled on really nicely though. Much better than the Quikrete stuff. Ardex is still tops but the price isn’t. I probably would have needed a and a half more bags today if I had bought that stuff.

So I was pretty much done a little after 12 and still had extra cement so I poured out the hearth as well.



Then I had to do a quick rinse of the tools and clean up for the movie. Luckily I’m a couple miles away so I was there in plenty of time. World War Z was pretty cool too.

After the movie, I went home and really thought I’d come back to 2 concrete covered cats. I didn’t (WHEW!) but I did come home to some paw prints on my hearth.


I spent a couple hours sanding the concrete down and then troweling another layer on the hearth. The prints aren’t completely covered but they’re more faint.



Here is the fireplace now.



So the next step is to either stain & seal or use a tinted sealer. I want the vertical space to be a little more subtle than the hearth. I could go a little darker and it won’t be pitch black like before.

Until next time. 🙂




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