Fireplace – some color and sealer


So after running this morning I went to Treehouse in Austin. They helped me find an Eco-friendly sealer that I could tint.

This stuff is a soy and hemp oil and the color came from earth ground pigments (American clay to be exact – smoky flint I believe).

I mixed the stuff up in an old pasta jar (they’re really handy for around the house) and then took a rag and applied. Some areas took up more color than others and the cure time is slow – a few days so the color might continue to change.

I hung the picture back up tonight so it wouldn’t look so barren.

That jar on the floor? That is a copper solution made with white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and pennies (1960s pennies work best). I’m hoping the hearth can be dyed with the blue and then I can add the dark sealer over.

If it doesn’t work (I’ve got some test pieces of cement) I’ll use an actual concrete stain and then seal.

One all that is done I’ll work on the metal.


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