Revamped Spare Bath Ceiling

I decided to repaint my spare bath ceiling from BM’s Ceiling White to a mixture of Dolphin (from my living room ceiling) and leftover Ceiling White.

Ever since I painted my vaulted ceiling an actual color, I wanted to do the same to some rooms. The spare bath was a good place to start because of the size and because it is a work in progress.

This was a pic after I had scraped the popcorn off last year.


Here is the ceiling as I started to practice my paint cutting skills.


About a half hour in:


I still got some paint on the walls but it wasn’t bad. It took an hour and I might need to touch some spots up but it is pretty much done.


Next room to get a new ceiling will be the dining room. It’ll be easier to paint it too since there is ventilation. I don’t mind touching up some spots on the wall but I don’t want to repaint the whole wall :).

Added some bling to my coffee table

I added some flair to my coffee table.


All this glass was $12 at a local thrift store. I sprayed Looking Glass paint to turn them into faux mercury glass and added them to my coffee table.


The tall vase now holds my remote ­čÖé while the others will hold candles and stuff.

I’ll probably make more once I get a mantle installed on my fireplace.

You can also see the different colors from the wood now that the sealant is drying.

I Revamped my Coffee Table!

I had been looking to replace my coffee table for a while. I even blogged about it earlier this year. In addition to those ideas, I thought of repurposing a pallet or even using a large tree stump.

I decided to get a circular saw (bought a used one for $20) and make my table more smaller.

Here (again) is the before picture – ┬ávery big and clunky.

So the first thing I did after taking the legs off was cut it so it was rectangular instead of square. Then I sanded the espresso stain down. What surprised me was the reddish color wood underneath. I even sanded down the underside.

IMG_1598 IMG_1597


Once I was done, I used my vinegar and steel wool solution to tone down some of the color before I took my heat gun to it, giving it another dimension of character.



After I was done with the messy stuff, I brought it into the house to add the oil sealant and add the legs. I was also starting to get gnawed by bugs (what else is new). As you can see, Puck was quick to explore the new table.



So this was right after the sealant was added and the legs. Once the oil’s soaked in, it won’t be as dark.


Another view to show the cool legs. I got them from a company called Modern Legs. These are known as “just the tip”.



Goodbye Carpet!

I removed the carpet from my living and dining room today.


It took a few hours of moving stuff around, cutting sections and then rolling them up. I also pulled up the tack strips and all that good stuff.


That’s my backyard right now. Bulk trash is this month and I’ll move it curbside in a couple weeks.

It was nasty work. I saw clouds of what was probably popcorn ceiling plaster as I pulled. I guess I was fortunate that whoever installed, just glued the perimeter. Scraping was gross.

Next stop will be engineered floors.

This was the largest span of carpet in the entire house. The bedrooms will be cake compared to today.