Flooring and Other Stuff

My goal was to finish my flooring before the end of New Year’s Day. I finished my living room and dining room last night. 🙂

IMG_2310 After cleaning off the access glue, I ripped out the last of the big pieces of moulding and then marked up my lines for glue. I had about 54 inches remaining.

About 2 hours later and feeding time for the kitties, I took a break and figured I’d finish up the next day – about 24 inches left.



An hour or so later, I decided to get back into my working clothes and finish it up. I really didn’t want to work on it anymore so I sucked it up and plowed through. Believe me, at this point, my arms were aching and my knees were cursing me like crazy.

The last row was probably the hardest. My non-square house really showed its colors when every section I had to rip, I had to increase by a minimum of 1/8 inch. But, the biggest thing was it was done.

IMG_2314 Floyd had to inspect my work.

Today, I added a couple little things to make that wall look better. I got some moulding – I took whatever was precut since I was too tired to work a hand saw. One piece fit that wall perfectly.

I also bought a piece of perforated metal to fashion a cold air return. The problem with mine is it isn’t affixed properly and as I removed to paint a few times, there was no longer any drywall to screw the vent cover into.


Originally before I became more creative, I had wanted to buy one but they’re crazy expensive. Then I found this earlier this year and was inspired. So inspired that I bought the same cloverleaf sheet. Because I am a fan of geometric patterns.



For the frame, I used some of the pieces I bought earlier this year for future door casings. I thought it would add some cohesion to the house by using the same materials. After dry fitting it, I primed the metal for paint and then cut to size. I used my staple gun to attach the sides together and did a block cut versus miter cuts so they would (again) match what the millwork around the doors.

I used my paint sprayer on the pieces and a couple hours later, it was dry enough to work on.

First I attached the moulding and then it was time to put the new register up. (nail gun is a lifesaver!)  Before I did, I added a mesh screen (used for windows and screen doors) behind the metal grate. Not really as a dust filter, but more to keep any large critters out. I wish they sold the mesh by the foot or yard because I had to buy the smallest roll available.



To keep the spacing consistent, I have been using popsicle (from the craft store) sticks as “spacers”. The register is fully attached and caulked onto the wall. There is no filter to it – the filter is in the HVAC accessed in my garage.


This pic was before I caulked around the edges to give more of a seamless look. It looks really good with the new baseboard too.


Mismatched Dining Room Chairs

Here is the before pic of the chairs before I go to work on them.



I’ve spent a grand total of $145 for all 6 so far. 😛 (not counting my quart of paint)

The 2 orange chairs are probably the oldest and will require the most work. I know I can definitely save one but I’m gonna do my best to save both because they are just really cool.

The one with the black cover was the first one and then the three other chairs, I bought for $100 on Saturday.

My plan is to work on them two at a time so I don’t overwhelm myself and I can take the time to do any necessary repairs.

The color of the chairs will be a dark teal color called Venezuelan Sea by Benjamin Moore (semi gloss, Advanced).



I am not sure of the chair cushion color but it won’t be vinyl. I’m thinking a microsuede fabric so I won’t get claw marks from the cats. 😉


Flooring Update

It’s nearly done! I’m definitely at the final stretch and I’m on track to complete before the new year. After taking a bit of a break until after Christmas, I started back up again on Thursday and Friday night. Thursday was a bit of a fail as I tried to use the last can of that expired glue. It started to set in about 30 minutes so I only managed 2.5 rows before giving up.

On Friday, I got a new can of glue and started back to work for about 2 hours. (excuse the mess)



On Saturday I looked at different nail guns and decided to go ahead and opt for one with an air compressor. The cordless ones were just too bulky for me to handle (and handle safely).



This came as a kit and worked really nicely. The air compressor was kind of small but since I’m slow, it filled up and the motor would shut off (my kitties appreciated that). I worked most of the moulding install with just the air that was already in the tank and installed the moulding on the TV wall last night.



Then, since the place was just too dang cluttered, I put my pipe shelving back up, opening a little more space.



One more item to show. I was out shopping today at Target and found this for 50% off since it was part of their holiday collection. Regular price was $19.99 so this was 10 bucks

IMG_2299 It has a tree motif which was perfect!



My new log bin! The basket was too close to the wood tones plus it was an open weave so stuff got through the bottom and I don’t want to scratch my new floors so soon. Especially after all the work I put into it. 🙂


My Tetra Pak Lamp

Over a year ago, I came across this article and thought it was a neat way to reuse items that would normally be thrown in recycling or the trash.

I did some research on how to create it and even found a page on Facebook that showed others creating neat lighting fixtures made of tetra paks.

So I attempted the sphrere but it was becoming blobby and I sort of lost my count on the circle so I gave up on it. Doing this origami thing wasn’t easy but I kept collecting the containers. (Being in Texas, I drank a lot of coconut water over the summer, post run).

Then I tried to do a cylindrical shape but because I didn’t have the support along the sides, it kept collapsing on itself. Back to the drawing board.

So I tried again. This time, I thought an oval shape was my ideal outcome. I realized though that it was easier to create 2 hemispheres and then joined them together.

lamp 2 I took apart the fabric of an old, oval shaped lamp shade and used the skeleton as a frame for the inside. I also tried using some transparency film to give it a transluscent look but that plastic was not meant to be folded into little shapes.

By the time I was done last night, it was time to get ready for bed. I didn’t really have a chance to fluff out the shape or anything but will tonight. I might have to replace some of the plastic hexagons with tetra pak ones but that’s okay.

I love the way the light plays onto the walls. I still have lots more pieces to create another fixture which I probably will work on later.

lamp 1

Decorated Cat Tree

Since I have 2 big  cat trees, I didn’t want to buy a Christmas tree as well. I decided to buy some shatterproof ornaments and some paper ribbon and decorate the tree.

IMG_0032 IMG_2228
The other tree isn’t as decorated. I like this idea because it uses their existing trees and I won’t need to discourage them to not climb. Plus, it’s different.


Because I Rarely like things out of the Box

While I like my new ceiling fan in the master bedroom, I wasn’t too keen on the actual light part.

IMG_2188 IMG_2187


I wanted something a little more unique and I think I found it this morning.



This WAS once a fruit bowl for $10. I took the top ring off so it would fit the ceiling fan without hitting the blades. I think it makes it more unique.