More flooring

I did some more today.

I bought a different brand of all-in-one adhesive at a discount. The stuff had a 2011 lot date so I got 2 cans for the price of one after the store opened up one can. Plus it was workable between 55 – 95 degrees so I thought with this weekend’s deep freeze, it was perfect.

It worked and was still sticky but the working time was shortened – probably due to the age of the glue. So needless to say, there was a huge mess factor.

I had to say uncle half way through the 15th & 16th row. The glue is all over my trowel so I need to clean that up once the glue is dried. The boards were having a hard time connecting together because of the glue factor too.

I’m more than half way done with my dining room. Slowly but

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