Dining Chairs



I started on the dining chair project on New Year’s Day. I didn’t want to spend too much time at first so I chose 2 of the easiest to refinish.

First, I filled up some of the spots before sanding.



Then I added a quick coat of primer.



I set up a makeshift painting booth by standing up some cardboard I had. There was a brief moment when I was a little worried about the color. It isn’t unusual for me but I quickly remember paint dries darker and quit fretting. 😉



Later that night, I brought them into the house. Floyd and Puck inspected my work as I drooled over the color.



Friday, I got my rug pad and set up the table (finally). I think this will look really cool once it is done.





I haven’t decided on the fabric for the cushions yet. I have some ideas and of course, I could go back to black but I want to do something different, if possible. I also found a blog site that showed how to create a chair pad for the chair that currently doesn’t have one.


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