Chair Fabric

It took a while to figure out the accent chair fabric. I originally thought of using micro suede and found some swatches before deciding to use velvet instead.

I got more swatches but nothing seemed right.

The blue was either too dark (like navy blue) or too light (almost grey). Or somewhere in between.

I felt like goldilocks and thought it was going to be near impossible to find the right shade – not too turquoise and not too teal.

I even looked into peacock blue.

Nothing seemed to work.


Until today when I got a brand new swatch -Spa.


It looks turquoise under certain light and a soft teal in others. And it’s velvet too! It’s the lone swatch on the left.


The first piece I’ll tackle after I order the fabric will be the ottoman followed by the armless chair.

The other will be more of a challenge and will require sewing. (Which means I may need to bribe people 😋)

Either way it feels good knowing I was able to choose something.

Retro Chair

I visited a cool vintage store yesterday and spotted this chair. IMG_2492


It was a 1960s blue velvet chair. I asked them if I could hold it until I grabbed some food but they couldn’t because they were having a sale this month and the chair was on sale for $100. Well, I really couldn’t pass that up especially since it had cool lines and stuff so I bought it and then grabbed lunch.

I brought it home and sprayed it down with Lysol in the garage. I was really excited because even though the chair needed reupholstering, I wanted to test out velvet before I bought the fabric (that stuff is spendy!)

I brought it inside and Puck decided to inspect it.



The reversible cushion needs to be replaced with new foam but the rest of the chair is in pretty good shape (minus the fabric, of course). Eventually the 2 retro accent chairs will match, fabric wise. I am hoping to do much of it on my own but in the meantime we’re going to be product testing. 🙂

Reclaimed Wood Pipe Shelving

I began adding to my existing pipe shelves this weekend.

On Saturday, I bought some 1×12 boards that were reclaimed. The owner of the shop said it came from a restaurant built around the 1930s and then was torn down. Each of the pieces had small tacks all over (not sure exactly what it was for since they only went in about a half inch or so.)

IMG_2497 IMG_2500

One of the boards still had some paper glued onto it. I managed to save some of it :).

The first thing I did was use that greyish paint that I painted the Ikea shelves with and diluted it with water (about a 50-50 mixture). Then I randomly brushed it over the wood. Once it was dry, I sanded it smooth (it took some of the “whitewash” off but not all of it which was what I wanted). The next thing I did was use the steel wool and vinegar solution to age the boards a little more.



I used the same oil sealer product that I used on the mantle which darkened it a little but also picked up on the grey colors too.

I connected the pipes and attached some flanges to the wall (I had to find big head screws so it wouldn’t go through the flange holes so I ended up with anchor screws rated for 102 lbs).

I didn’t buy enough of the 8 inch pipes otherwise I would have added a third tier.



I could do the same thing (only slightly narrower) on the other side and if I really wanted to, I could connect it across the TV. I’m not sure that will happen though Floyd and Puck might try to convince me.

A note about reclaimed wood – it is really cool to use but it is spendier than the brand new stuff from the hardware store. Instead of smashing walls down, it has to be taken down with care so it can be reused. I love the idea of using reclaimed wood because there is so character in the piece – character and history – I’m a sucker for that. 🙂