Retro Chair

I visited a cool vintage store yesterday and spotted this chair. IMG_2492


It was a 1960s blue velvet chair. I asked them if I could hold it until I grabbed some food but they couldn’t because they were having a sale this month and the chair was on sale for $100. Well, I really couldn’t pass that up especially since it had cool lines and stuff so I bought it and then grabbed lunch.

I brought it home and sprayed it down with Lysol in the garage. I was really excited because even though the chair needed reupholstering, I wanted to test out velvet before I bought the fabric (that stuff is spendy!)

I brought it inside and Puck decided to inspect it.



The reversible cushion needs to be replaced with new foam but the rest of the chair is in pretty good shape (minus the fabric, of course). Eventually the 2 retro accent chairs will match, fabric wise. I am hoping to do much of it on my own but in the meantime we’re going to be product testing. 🙂

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