Chair Fabric

It took a while to figure out the accent chair fabric. I originally thought of using micro suede and found some swatches before deciding to use velvet instead.

I got more swatches but nothing seemed right.

The blue was either too dark (like navy blue) or too light (almost grey). Or somewhere in between.

I felt like goldilocks and thought it was going to be near impossible to find the right shade – not too turquoise and not too teal.

I even looked into peacock blue.

Nothing seemed to work.


Until today when I got a brand new swatch -Spa.


It looks turquoise under certain light and a soft teal in others. And it’s velvet too! It’s the lone swatch on the left.


The first piece I’ll tackle after I order the fabric will be the ottoman followed by the armless chair.

The other will be more of a challenge and will require sewing. (Which means I may need to bribe people 😋)

Either way it feels good knowing I was able to choose something.

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