Memorial Day Weekend Project

This year for my extended weekend, I added flooring to my master bedroom. I had taken out the carpet about a month ago so it was just a cement slab.


I began Thursday morning and bought flooring glue. I decided to not use the Roberts brand like I did in the living and dining room, but instead, used a product from Bostik (at Lowes – single app). It was a little more expensive that the stuff I bought before and needed about 2 cans of it.

When I got home, I tore up the old baseboards and much of the door casing that would be in the way of the new floors. On the first day, I managed to get one can worth of glue down. It was well worth the money – it spread easier (I don’t know if it had to do with the warmer temps or not) and I don’t think I had any hollow spots like before. The only complaint was I had to skim out a good amount off the first can.



The next morning (after having slept in the spare room) I was ready to tackle the rest but also dreading the possibility of buying yet another can if I ran out. (I wish they made smaller containers so there’s less waste). It was a little tedious but I managed to get it all done without running out of glue!

IMG_2824 IMG_2825


I was exhausted but felt very VERY accomplished. I calculated it and it was roughly 180 square feet. It felt really good that I managed to get it done in 2 days. I did cheat a little and set up my bed (just the boxspring and mattress) to avoid sleeping in the spare room that night. I figured by then, the floor was well on it’s way of curing.

I also unfurled the new area rug that night (as modeled by Puck).



On Saturday, I added some baseboards—mostly for the area behind the bed because I really didn’t want to move that sucker once it was put back together. I caulked and touched up the paint on Sunday before moving the bed closer towards the wall. I also brought the nightstand from the spare bedroom into the master bedroom. (Yes, the bedroom door will eventually be replaced but that isn’t a top priority at the moment.)

IMG_2834 IMG_2838


Today I decided to change up the nightstand a little since it was going to be hard to find something similar. I decided to glam it up a bit with some spray paint and a little elbow grease.

IMG_2843 IMG_2846 IMG_2845

It was a good (and easy) rainy day project that didn’t take a whole lot of blood, sweat or tears. I’ll have to replace the current crystal lamp with another one since my current one has several chips in it but for now, it will sit on that table (once it is fully dried).


I’ll have to go over the decorative edging with some metallic paint — probably something a little darker than the Brilliant Silver paint.

I also found a table that will sit on the other side – a $30 thrift shop find. It will be painted the same color with the option of adding glass onto the doors in the future.



I Love Lamp

My tension pole lamp is back!


I bought it several weeks ago on eBay but never tried it. It was, to be honest, really scary with wires sticking out. So I took it to a local lamp shop and just got it back today. It has new wiring, the tension spring works – the previous owner had McGivered it so it stood. I added some LED bulbs and violá!


New Fridge

I had been having issues with the fridge that came with the house—water was leaking from the freezer into the fridge on a regular basis. That, and there were moments when it sounded like the compressor was laboring. I had a feeling that it meant the fridge was probably not going to last too long so I began researching when the water issue grew. I knew that I was going to need a new fridge eventually—the freezer space was too small for my food and for Floyd & Puck’s food. Plus, I wanted a fridge with a water dispenser.

I looked at different brands and styles finally deciding a side by side was truly the best type for my needs. I created a huge spreadsheet and added all the specs from different brands. The winner was a close-out Samsung model for under $1000. It was energy star rated—using less energy than the current one and had a lot of space. It got delivered on Friday and looks great! (though I think I need to do more shopping)


Fridge before

IMG_2770 I hope to get that recycled through the city and get $50 back.

After –



There’s even a wine rack in there! The LED lighting is very nice too.