New Fridge

I had been having issues with the fridge that came with the house—water was leaking from the freezer into the fridge on a regular basis. That, and there were moments when it sounded like the compressor was laboring. I had a feeling that it meant the fridge was probably not going to last too long so I began researching when the water issue grew. I knew that I was going to need a new fridge eventually—the freezer space was too small for my food and for Floyd & Puck’s food. Plus, I wanted a fridge with a water dispenser.

I looked at different brands and styles finally deciding a side by side was truly the best type for my needs. I created a huge spreadsheet and added all the specs from different brands. The winner was a close-out Samsung model for under $1000. It was energy star rated—using less energy than the current one and had a lot of space. It got delivered on Friday and looks great! (though I think I need to do more shopping)


Fridge before

IMG_2770 I hope to get that recycled through the city and get $50 back.

After –



There’s even a wine rack in there! The LED lighting is very nice too.

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