Spare Bathroom Update

Just a few updates:

I installed a new towel bar – it’s Moen’s Align series in Brushed Nickel. It was not an easy feat to install and I think I might have done it easier without using the paper template.


I got a new shower curtain – Mid Century inspired and I think it looks pretty cool in the room. The shower rod and hardware is still oil rubbed bronze because I’m debating whether or not to get a curved rod or not.


I removed the outdated medicine cabinet. It was too big for the room as well as outdated (in a bad way). The picture below was before I replaced the lighting.

Old lighting system



Without the large medicine cabinet, I had to change out the lighting as well. The three glass pieces were heavy and weighed down the light bar. I didn’t want to buy a whole new light system again so I looked around for something I could build/create that was simple (not requiring a whole lot of wiring).

I found a blog of an idea that came from a local restaurant here in Austin

. The idea was simple, easy and the best thing was the parts could be changed around over and over. I quickly went to the store and bought some pieces.


Then I went about in spray painting them in Brilliant Silver.


I took down the old light, painted the wall and installed the lighting. I changed it around a few times and might still tweak it a little more.

IMG_3114 IMG_3115IMG_3121

I love the idea of using different bulbs (LEDs of course) and I had to remind myself I didn’t have to create symmetry and it would still look cool.

I do have a medicine cabinet to replace the monstrosity (that I donated already to the Habitat store). It’s a vintage one made by Lawson and it’s currently being spray painted since it came from an old house.




Lola (the Tanker Desk) Update

I haven’t really worked on Lola yet since I got her months ago.

Of and on I have been looking at different color paints for her and I decided on this one:



It’s a 1969 Chevy factory color for Camaros and Chevelles (Lemans Blue Metallic). Since I would never own one due to the maintenance of these beauties, I decided to use the color on the desk.

This was the touchup paint version but I’ll be buying the spray paint for Lola.

I’m even thinking of getting an emblem with “Lola” written in a similar script font as my fave muscle cars.

Spare Bath has a Paint Job!

I had been debating a color scheme for the spare bath for a while and decided I wanted to have a peacock bluish color. I found that color with Benjamin Moore’s Slate Teal after a week of looking at different swatches. (The color will also be in the spare bedroom either as an accent wall or all 4 walls—not sure just yet.)

The first coat went on yesterday afternoon and I quickly realized I would need two coats to get the color right but it was really hot in there so I decided I’ll continue the next day.

photo 1

The second coat worked wonders and the bathroom looks really good. I cut the paint along the ceiling line and went around the shower too.

photo 2

I don’t like the brown accessories I currently have but it’ll stay for the time being. Plus I need to figure out the tile around the tub first before I go with a curtain rod or door or ??.

First and foremost is my medicine cabinet which is WAY too big for the size of the room.

  (Of course, this was the pic before I changed out the lighting.)

I have one in mind right now that would work nicely in that room.

Update to Electrical

It was a no go 😦

Got the new switches and installed them today. Once again, it looked like the one inside the house worked but the one in the garage was wonky. I didn’t want to spend as much time as I did last Saturday so I gave up and (once again) reinstalled the 3 way switches back.

I’ll have to figure out something along the lines of a programable outside lighting system but for now, the switches work and that’s what I’ll be using.

Chandelier Revamp

Since lightening up my office with the pale yellow. I was tempted to tweak the color of my chandelier a little. Plus, there were still some spots where the brass was showing.


The colors were too dark but it wasn’t a priority. Fast forward to when I was spray painting my nightstand with the Brilliant Silver. To touch up, I sprayed paint onto a paper plate so I had a puddle to work with. On a whim, I dabbed a paper towel and rubbed on the paint onto the chandelier. It created a unique look because some of the dark steel could still be seen.


The pink/fuchsia color was now too much so I looked at replacing the faux candlestick sleeves. Cool, patterned ones were $6 each online. (!!!)

I decided to be creative and make up for Saturday’s fiasco and worked on something tonight.



I had the paper ribbon for the cat tree toys so I wrapped one sleeve with it – just to see how it would look.


The end result



I used scotch tape at first but you could see the tape so I ended up sealing the sleeves with good old school glue. It’s a quick fix and can easily be changed to other colors or if I decide to use a pattern.

I need to spray the bottoms of my bulbs silver now but voilà!

I Figured Out the Electrical

The good news is I figured out the problem. The timer switch I bought was 20A and it replaced a 15A. Plus, the paired switch in the garage was also 15A. Granted, I’m not an electrician but it made sense why it didn’t work.

The bad news was I didn’t figure it out until early this morning. This after having a rough night sleeping since I was paranoid I somehow messed up on the wiring.

When I looked at the package to confirm, it said 20 amps in teeny, tiny letters. The good news was I DID do the wiring correctly… it just didn’t realize the amperage was off. When I got back from running, I switched back to the standard light switches and they immediately worked. :-/

Unfortunately, the orange big-box store doesn’t carry any 15 amp ones and must be ordered online (and it wouldn’t be here until near the end of the month). The blue big-box stores don’t carry any.

I ended up buying one and using my Prime membership so it will be here early this week. It is by Leviton and was one of a handful that worked with CFL bulbs. I was going to go with Honeywell but they only are incandescent and halogen compatible :(.

On one hand, I’m glad I figured it out. On the other, I wasted my afternoon yesterday AND got bitten by a slew of mosquitos while working on this stupid project.

I should have gotten paint and painted instead.

And yes, that is a bit of a rant – my words were a lot more colorful this morning.

Electrical Stuff

I worked on installing a timer switch today. It’s so I could program my outside lights.

It took a couple hours to install and the programming part works.


However, the lights aren’t working and it’s most likely due to the switch in the garage. I don’t think I used a three-way switch.

I’ll have to get one tomorrow and install. I got bitten by too many bugs today. 😦