New Window Coverings

There has been a progression in my window coverings in the Living & Dining Room since I’ve moved to the house nearly 3 years ago.

The original window coverings looked like this:

Realtor pics

Realtor pics


I changed them almost as soon as I moved to some wooden Roman Shades.

After painting

After painting



They worked up until I got the wood floors and then the window coverings became too dark and heavy. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Floyd and Puck gnawed on the strings in the back.

I went back and forth on the type of coverings until I finally decided on Roller Shades. I looked at a couple places and many samples before deciding on a lighter, more neutral shade.


These were the final contenders and I chose the one on the bottom.


Unlike the roller shades I had growing up where they were poorly spring loaded, these are controlled by the chain on the sides. I used 2 in the living room and 2 in the dining room.

Once I had them up, I noticed the lightness of the fabric. The only thing was it was too plain and I now had the opportunity to add a valance. I was never a fan of those things but I had a feeling they would work with what I now had. I searched online on how to make valances and looked at a bunch of fabric before coming up with these final choices (on the right).


I ended up making one of the valances today. Built out of foam insulation panel—very light and scraps can be recycled.


I didn’t take many progress pictures you can see I used duct tape to secure some of the pieces. I also used finishing nails too.

I added some really light batting and then pinned the fabric down.


IMG_3348 IMG_3349

Right now, it’s being held up by command strips but I don’t think they’ll stay up for long. I will need to figure out other means of securing it onto the wall.

Next one will be a little easier since it’s a narrower window.


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