New Ceiling Light

I changed out my front hall light from one that used the funky CFL bulbs to standard ones.

The before:


The after:


Testing it out to make sure it works.



With the diffuser installed:


It’s not quite done because I have some plans to make it an even cooler fixture. It needed the standard type bulbs first and foremost.

Office Storage Space

Before my office renovation, I had a metal file cabinet. It did its job but nothing really cool about it.

I needed something that would look cool or funky as well. I had thought about a storage ottoman but with a couple miniature jungle cats (in their minds), the fabric had to be right.

Then the idea came around the holidays during one of my movie marathons – an old trunk – maybe something that looked like it passed through Platform 9 3/4 a few times.

Just last week I found one at a salvage place.



It was pretty filthy and the leather handles were broken and disintegrating. The inside smelled (and still does) of moth balls.

After a little bit of TLC and a set of caster wheels, it’s now ready to start earning its keep.