Master Bedroom Ceiling Fan (bling!)

I revamped my ceiling fan today.

The before and the project:


Since I couldn’t put a chandelier up there (because I didn’t want to give up a ceiling fan), I had been looking off and on for different ways to dress up the fruit bowl. I finally found a site that used crystal garland to dress up their light fixture.

So, I went to Michaels with a 20% off everything coupon and bought some ‘crystal’ garlands. A couple strands of clear along with a couple strands of the lavender.


Then I just randomly added pieces of it; weaving it through the holes.

IMG_3917 IMG_3918

A couple hours later:

IMG_3919 IMG_3920

On the ceiling fan—it doesn’t look like an upside down fruit bowl anymore!

IMG_3921 IMG_3922

In the second picture, the lavender beads are a little more visible.

There is still room to add more if I need to but for the most part, it is done.

Cat Tree Revamp

A couple years ago, I created my juniper cat trees for Floyd and Puck.

It was probably a couple months ago that I realized the cheap carpet I used for the bases was starting to fray and then holes started to appear.

Since Floyd’s birthday was coming up (March 17th) and followed by Puck (April 6), it was a good time to start planning for an early present.

Over the weekend, I found a couple rugs that were on sale—both for the base and some of the platforms.

So on Sunday, I disassembled the branches off the big tree and removed a cross branch from the smaller one. Then I began working on the base. I didn’t remove the old carpet but threw the new one on top and screwed it down instead of using staples like before.


My goal was to finish by evening but my first attempt was a fail since the configuration left no room for adding platforms.

I quickly added one platform to it before I called it quits.

After dinner on Monday, I worked on re-covering some platforms with the green stripe carpet.

Since there were some exposed screws from attaching the platforms (and one lag bolt had sheared off), I used corks to cover them.


Of course, it makes no difference if I ended up liking the final product. My two critics/mini jungle cats had to love it and use it.