Litter Box Enclosure

Over a week ago, I adopted another kitten, Mousse. With the new addition, it meant that I needed a new litter box set up in addition to the existing one. 

For over a week, I just had a tray in the living room. Not a great visual, but I wanted to make sure the little one would be able to integrate into the household first. As Floyd and Puck began to warm up to Mousse, I began to do some research.

Years ago, I found an idea online where a toy box was used to enclose the litter tray. It seemed pretty simple so I ordered one online and then assembled it.


Since I didn’t have a jigsaw, I ended up just cutting the side piece to give a walkway for the cats. I lined it with a rug I had in the house and added the tray. I moved it from the original spot I took the photo. So now they have an extra spot to do their thing and it won’t be too much of an eyesore.