Office Desk

Office Desk

After getting rid of the tanker desk a few months ago, I thought of different ideas for a new desk. One idea was to get a vintage (mid-century modern) desk but they were not always readily available. I really liked the idea of having desk drawers but it wasn’t a necessity since my current desk was just a table.

I went to a local shop that specialized in reclaimed lumber and talked to the owner. He said he could glue planks together so I could have a table. So I went there and picked out some 2×9 longleaf pine boards to be used. From what I was told, the boards came from a cotton mill that was torn down.

A week later, I was able to bring it home.


The boards were rough and needed some sanding, which unfortunately, meant some of the old white paint was removed during the process as well as a bit of that aged/weathered look. I fixed that by using a vinegar/steel wool solution and then taking a heat gun (and later a propane torch) to bring out the grain patterns.


I actually had to sand this down a little because after putting oil as a sealer, it became TOO dark. So after sanding down again, and losing all the original white paint that was on there, I torched the wood again before using diluted paint to “lighten” the wood.


I left the table top sitting in the garage for a few weeks as I decided on the leg style.

I knew I wanted metal legs and at first, I thought hairpins would be cool but then I had to consider the weight of the table and the fact that it was merely 3 glued pieces (there weren’t any biscuits used to join them), and the sucker was HEAVY!

I ended up ordering these legs from the same company that I ordered the hairpin legs for my coffee table.


I cleaned them and added a clearcoat to protect it from rusting.


I liked that this design supported the planks.

The result with Puck as inspector.

I added a think acrylic sheet on top since I didn’t want to get splinters on me or on cat paws. Also, it would make writing easier. Plus, as an added bonus, I could put pictures under the sheet. 🙂


Whether or not I keep this, remains to be seen. I might end up switching to a nonglare piece so it looks more subtle. (And then cut the pieces of this one for my bookshelves)

One last look showing some of the detail from one of the old boards: