New Window Coverings

There has been a progression in my window coverings in the Living & Dining Room since I’ve moved to the house nearly 3 years ago.

The original window coverings looked like this:

Realtor pics

Realtor pics


I changed them almost as soon as I moved to some wooden Roman Shades.

After painting

After painting



They worked up until I got the wood floors and then the window coverings became too dark and heavy. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Floyd and Puck gnawed on the strings in the back.

I went back and forth on the type of coverings until I finally decided on Roller Shades.ย I looked at a couple places and many samples before deciding on a lighter, more neutral shade.


These were the final contenders and I chose the one on the bottom.


Unlike the roller shades I had growing up where they were poorly spring loaded, these are controlled by the chain on the sides. I used 2 in the living room and 2 in the dining room.

Once I had them up, I noticed the lightness of the fabric. The only thing was it was too plain and I now had the opportunity to add a valance. I was never a fan of those things but I had a feeling they would work with what I now had. I searched online on how to make valances and looked at a bunch of fabric before coming up with these final choices (on the right).


I ended up making one of the valances today. Built out of foam insulation panelโ€”very light and scraps can be recycled.


I didn’t take many progress pictures you can see I used duct tape to secure some of the pieces. I also used finishing nails too.

I added some really light batting and then pinned the fabric down.


IMG_3348 IMG_3349

Right now, it’s being held up by command strips but I don’t think they’ll stay up for long. I will need to figure out other means of securing it onto the wall.

Next one will be a little easier since it’s a narrower window.





I started to finish up on my moulding a couple weekends ago.

This was the cache in my car. It’s amazing how much my little Prius holds.





My first coped corner. Coping is hard (yes, it’s okay to insert jokes here, I did). This was prior to actually sanding and touch up paint.



Slowly but surely, the colonial style moulding is going away, replaced with a simpler design. (This is also prior to paint)



Anything that’s staying, is going to get a fresh coat of paint so it isn’t as dingy looking as before. (and it won’t be the gloss/semi-gloss sheen either)



I still need to touch up the walls since the trim paint has bled over but that’s okay. The large pieces of baseboards are in for both the living and dining room. I just need to replace the colonial trim put up before finishing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Two Chairs Complete!

The fabric I ordered arrived on Friday – so much more beautiful than the swatch!



I got started on one of my chairs that night – it also gave me the opportunity to test my pneumatic stapler. I wish I had gotten one a long time ago instead of my electric one – it was so much easier and relatively little effort. I had a little helper with me.ย IMG_2424

As I took off the black vinyl, I noticed a mustard (chartreuse?) color vinyl underneath.

IMG_2425 IMG_2426

I thought it was funny because the fabric I chose had a little chartreuse color in it.

There were a ton of staples to remove as well as upholstery tacks. I think that had to be the most time consuming.

I got it done though but was afraid to sit on it since the fabric was not Scotchguarded yet.



The next chair I worked on was the tall, ladder back that didn’t have a seat cushion before. I didn’t want to leave it as is so I had done some research and came across this blog and followed the instructions – sort of. I didn’t want buy a 1/4 inch plywood since the smallest pieces were 24×48 inches. I decided to improvise and used the top sliding piece of the stereo console I bought last year (that I realized had too much damage to fix up and have since parted out the legs).



The good thing about using a thicker board than 1/4″ was I was able to countersink the carriage bolts a little.



So here are my 2 pretty chairs. I’ve got a few more to do. ๐Ÿ™‚




I did remove the old fabric from 2 seat bottoms today. One of them had brown vinyl that was just worn and cracked. The plywood was cracking too. The other used a fabric webbing that was just worn and gross. I cut out some MDF and wedged them into the space and then stapled it down.



I still need to get some ‘L’ shaped brackets for underneath for further stability. I don’t want the seat bottom to fall out – that would be bad. Then I’ll be able to wrap them in the new fabric. ๐Ÿ™‚

Two Chairs Done with Paint Phase

And two more chairs started.

The first 2 painted chairs got their second coat of paint today. I also did a first coat on 2 more chairs.


I’ll need at least one more coat on them before they pass the paint phase.

I brought them inside the house after they dried. You can see the 2 chairs don’t have seats on them.


The current seats are in the garage since I am going to rebuild them with plywood before the fabric phase.

On one of my chairs, I mixed some of my teal paint with my door color paint (Wrought Iron) to give an accent color – mimicking how it originally looked.

Before –


After –



A better look at the slight contrast.






I’m hoping the last 2 chairs will enter paint phase next weekend. If not, I’ll be getting the plywood cut for new seats.

Fabric Ideas

For the chairs, I originally, planned on a grey, faux suede material in a leopard print. I never got the sample swatch so I needed to look at other ideas.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.34.03 PM


Right now, I have 2 ideas – a vinyl fabric with a bird pattern (though I’m not really keen on vinyl here in Texas) or the heavy canvas with the abstract flower pattern.

For my bamboo Roman shades, I am planning to cover them with a plain fabric and then edge it with one of these –

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.30.26 PM

I’m not quite sure which one would work the best. I am supposedly getting a sample of the darker fabric.



Dining Chairs



I started on the dining chair project on New Year’s Day. I didn’t want to spend too much time at first so I chose 2 of the easiest to refinish.

First, I filled up some of the spots before sanding.



Then I added a quick coat of primer.



I set up a makeshift painting booth by standing up some cardboard I had. There was a brief moment when I was a little worried about the color. It isn’t unusual for me but I quickly remember paint dries darker and quit fretting. ๐Ÿ˜‰



Later that night, I brought them into the house. Floyd and Puck inspected my work as I drooled over the color.



Friday, I got my rug pad and set up the table (finally). I think this will look really cool once it is done.





I haven’t decided on the fabric for the cushions yet. I have some ideas and of course, I could go back to black but I want to do something different, if possible. I also found a blog site that showed how to create a chair pad for the chair that currently doesn’t have one.