Backyard idea

One more for the day – 

This is my inspiration for my backyard. I wouldn’t do a patio roof that is completely covered though but I like the idea of having a deck extend the length of the house. 


Before and after – front porch

I replaced my front porch light today. The first pic was the one that came with the house. It was getting worn and stuff so I ordered this stainless steel one from Lowes. The only beef I have is the fixture isn’t able to fit a CFL socket dusk to dawn adapter. I have to figure out another way to not have a darkened house when I come home. 

Since this is the weekend we go back to Daylight Savings, I guess I have until the fall to figure out. I need to fix that bare spot now :(. Then change the doorbell. It’s looking a little ragged and dirty. 

Updating the outdoor lighting

I started to plan my outdoor space today. I have ideas right now and have just started to transfer them on paper. 

In the meantime, I did give my house a minor facelift. A new light fixture. The porch light now has a yellow light bulb so bugs won’t attack my guests and its new fixture is on order and scheduled to arrive mid March.

So the before pic is what came with the house. Blah and looked really weathered. I don’t know how old it was. The new fixture came from Lowes. It was on clearance and because the install kit was missing, they knocked an additional $20 off of it to $30 since I had to buy the stuff separately. It even has a dusk to dawn sensor in it too which I didn’t realize at first and thought I messed up on the install. 

One of the things I had to buy, I’m attaching because it was just too damn funny. Seriously, who names these things?!!!!