One Accent Chair is Done


I really couldn’t leave the chair as-is after the ottoman so I decided today to take it apart.

There were so many staples to remove 😦






Once I got the cover off, I noticed the chair was actually 2 pieces—the back and the bottom. The way the cover was attached, it looked like one solid unit. Rather than keep it the same, I turned it back to 2 separate pieces (it was much easier to reupholster too).



I may add some more nail heads along the bottom edge but right now, here it is.


It was a lot of work but it looks really nice. I also sewed the seam for the front edge of the seat. A very first for me!



Velvet Ottoman




I started on the transformation of my accent chairs on Friday. I finally got my velvet (it’s called Spa) and had the time to work on the ottoman.

This was the before. The material was starting to show the wear and tear from Floyd and Puck’s claws.



I didn’t take any pictures of the during—it took forever to remove all the staples but once I got that part done, it was pretty easy to finish. I still had some issues with the corners but I think they turned out okay. This was the look from last night.



Today, I received my pewter colored nail heads—all 1000 of them. I chose the unpolished silver (pewter) over shiny silver (nickel) because I didn’t want the nail heads to overtake the color.

I chose the individual heads over the actual string kit because I wanted spacing in between.




It was tedious to say the least. The first two sides, I actually marked off the spacing but the final 2 and the corners, I eyed it. There was a HUGE waste factor (or at some point, I called it my ‘f’ up factor) and I was glad I got a huge order. Those nail heads were stubborn little suckers.



This was the completed look. I think the ottoman has less of a dome than it did before—which is fine by me. I am contemplating a nail head patter on the sides but that remains to be seen.


Chair Fabric

It took a while to figure out the accent chair fabric. I originally thought of using micro suede and found some swatches before deciding to use velvet instead.

I got more swatches but nothing seemed right.

The blue was either too dark (like navy blue) or too light (almost grey). Or somewhere in between.

I felt like goldilocks and thought it was going to be near impossible to find the right shade – not too turquoise and not too teal.

I even looked into peacock blue.

Nothing seemed to work.


Until today when I got a brand new swatch -Spa.


It looks turquoise under certain light and a soft teal in others. And it’s velvet too! It’s the lone swatch on the left.


The first piece I’ll tackle after I order the fabric will be the ottoman followed by the armless chair.

The other will be more of a challenge and will require sewing. (Which means I may need to bribe people 😋)

Either way it feels good knowing I was able to choose something.

Retro Chair

I visited a cool vintage store yesterday and spotted this chair. IMG_2492


It was a 1960s blue velvet chair. I asked them if I could hold it until I grabbed some food but they couldn’t because they were having a sale this month and the chair was on sale for $100. Well, I really couldn’t pass that up especially since it had cool lines and stuff so I bought it and then grabbed lunch.

I brought it home and sprayed it down with Lysol in the garage. I was really excited because even though the chair needed reupholstering, I wanted to test out velvet before I bought the fabric (that stuff is spendy!)

I brought it inside and Puck decided to inspect it.



The reversible cushion needs to be replaced with new foam but the rest of the chair is in pretty good shape (minus the fabric, of course). Eventually the 2 retro accent chairs will match, fabric wise. I am hoping to do much of it on my own but in the meantime we’re going to be product testing. 🙂

Living Room (current and future plans)



I got my rug pad yesterday along with my larger area rug. I never had a need for them before with carpeted floors and then with the concrete subfloor but with my new hardwoods, I knew I wanted to protect them as much as possible.

I also wanted to layer area rugs down and bought this rug from one of the big box stores. Not bad for $149 and it is polypropylene that’s made to look like a jute rug.



Next I layered my zebra patterned rug over it (my Habitat Re-Store purchase for $109) before setting my furniture pieces back on. Years ago, I probably would never have gone with such a bold pattern as this but I LOVE it! It adds to the eclectic vibe. Sadly, I now need to figure out a couch because my current one is way TOO traditional for the room now.




I know ‘Future Couch’ will be a medium grey microfiber type fabric. I need something that is modern but has that retro vibe as well. For my accent chairs, I can go brighter and will probably do a velvet type material on the chair and ottoman with a similar color family for ‘Future Accent Chair 2’.

Possible colors range from turquoise to teal. I did think about a chartreuse-like color but I thought that was just too much but won’t be opposed to having an accent pillow with that color in it.

My liquor cabinet will need to be repainted and I’m thinking a high gloss reddish coral. When I build out my hall bench, it will be painted with the same color.

I am also going to look for a way to soften my existing roman shades by adding fabric over the dark bamboo.

This year, I will build out my fireplace mantel and add more pipe shelving.

That should keep me busy until I work on the other DIY ideas for the other rooms (next post).

New (old) Accent Chair



I found this on Craigslist yesterday and really liked the lines of the chair and ottoman.

They were asking $80 due to some watermarks on the fabric from cleaning it wrong. The lady had it in her guest room but was wanting to get rid of it so she could convert her room to a nursery.

I have to admit, I had been very hesitant in buying upholstered furniture but since this was in her existing house and not laying on a curb somewhere, I was a little more comfortable about bringing it home. Plus, after talking to her, I asked if she wanted to part with it for $60 and she said yes.

I brought it home and sprayed it with Lysol. It looks really cool in the living room and eventually I’ll reupholster it (or have it reupholstered) in an aqua or turquoise fabric. Meanwhile, the boys are curious about it and not avoiding it altogether (always a good sign).

Not sure if this is true vintage as the lady stated in the ad. It’s really comfy and has a retro look with chrome legs – totally fits my decor.