Owie :(

Dumbass and Scary moment – 

I tried to clean my attic yesterday since I knew the previous owner left a bunch of stuff up there. I stepped onto sheet rock, not realizing there wasn’t a 2×4 there and fell through. Yeah, it was scary as hell and I am damn lucky I just got bruises including a bruised and busted ego. It could have been much, MUCH worse. 

So now, I have an unplanned repair in the future of fixing the damn motherf’ing hole. In the meantime, I’m pretending I don’t have an attic. 

Today I’m feeling better, I even went on a 5.2 mile run. My arm is still bruised and tender. I wish I could say it was ink and that I wanted a nebula on my arm but I don’t think I can get away with that. Hopefully this Arnica gel will work.