Flooring Update

It’s nearly done! I’m definitely at the final stretch and I’m on track to complete before the new year. After taking a bit of a break until after Christmas, I started back up again on Thursday and Friday night. Thursday was a bit of a fail as I tried to use the last can of that expired glue. It started to set in about 30 minutes so I only managed 2.5 rows before giving up.

On Friday, I got a new can of glue and started back to work for about 2 hours. (excuse the mess)



On Saturday I looked at different nail guns and decided to go ahead and opt for one with an air compressor. The cordless ones were just too bulky for me to handle (and handle safely).



This came as a kit and worked really nicely. The air compressor was kind of small but since I’m slow, it filled up and the motor would shut off (my kitties appreciated that). I worked most of the moulding install with just the air that was already in the tank and installed the moulding on the TV wall last night.



Then, since the place was just too dang cluttered, I put my pipe shelving back up, opening a little more space.



One more item to show. I was out shopping today at Target and found this for 50% off since it was part of their holiday collection. Regular price was $19.99 so this was 10 bucks

IMG_2299 It has a tree motif which was perfect!



My new log bin! The basket was too close to the wood tones plus it was an open weave so stuff got through the bottom and I don’t want to scratch my new floors so soon. Especially after all the work I put into it. 🙂