Quick Fix for Fan Cover

That silvery bathroom fan cover had been driving me crazy – especially since painting the ceiling. It stuck out way too much. So yesterday, during mental breaks at work, I looked at new bathroom fans. 

Then I looked at a YouTube video on how to install one and realized I didn’t want to do that. The existing fan is still working so that old addage of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kept running through my head. 

Instead what I did was take that cover out and since it was cleaned up when I worked on the ceiling a couple weeks ago, I just had to shake any dust.

Couple coats of white spray paint followed by a clear coat (all satin finish) and voila. You can still see it but it doesn’t stand out as much. I do need to change out that light bulb because it looks old and there are rust spots inside (WTF).

Eventually it will need to be replaced, I’m sure. Maybe when it comes time to remodel the master bath that one will need to be redone. Who knows but for now, this was an easy fix. 

Bath ideas

The picture above is my inspiration. Ikea’s Godmorgon floating vanity (mine will be either white but most likely the black-brown) with the Odensvik sink. 

I think I’m going with the 31 1/2 inch vanity versus the 23 5/8 one. It should fit better there and I won’t need to add another cabinet unless I had to. 

I’ll look at faucets later but it will be brushed nickel or brushed SS and modern looking. 

Still going to stick with the bright green and small pops of brown which is why I could go either way with the vanity. I think the black-brown would look more elegant.

LOVE the look of floating vanities and Ikea had great prices on theirs. Other places are crazy expensive.  

Doors and hardware


First of all, stupid tumblr didn’t let me post this this morning on my phone :(. 

So, different door woes this time. I had sort of decided that I would slowly replace my 6 panel doors. It would be based on priority, with the wonky 2nd bath first since it doesn’t look like it was installed correctly. Last night, I discovered, thanks to Floyd and Puck wrestling around, that the master bath doesn’t close. It shuts but doesn’t click shut. 

The spare bath definitely needs to be replace so hello, prehung door. I think I will need a prehung for the other bathroom but the rest, I think I can get away with slab doors. 

The three panel, raised Craftsman door is what I’m looking at. I wanted the 5 panel ones but they don’t match the house. If this was a mid-century house, I think it would work better. With the modern door fixtures I’m planning to get, I think it will give it nice touch. Hopefully the handles are ninja kitten proof too. 

My project list gets reshuffled and shuffled again. I am definitely going to get at least one new door, depopcorn the secondary bath ceiling and maybe do that patch of brown above the tub shower surround. I’ll add the green as well as lighting later.