Mismatched Dining Room Chairs

Here is the before pic of the chairs before I go to work on them.



I’ve spent a grand total of $145 for all 6 so far. 😛 (not counting my quart of paint)

The 2 orange chairs are probably the oldest and will require the most work. I know I can definitely save one but I’m gonna do my best to save both because they are just really cool.

The one with the black cover was the first one and then the three other chairs, I bought for $100 on Saturday.

My plan is to work on them two at a time so I don’t overwhelm myself and I can take the time to do any necessary repairs.

The color of the chairs will be a dark teal color called Venezuelan Sea by Benjamin Moore (semi gloss, Advanced).



I am not sure of the chair cushion color but it won’t be vinyl. I’m thinking a microsuede fabric so I won’t get claw marks from the cats. 😉


Door Hardware Bling

My door to the backyard is almost closer to being done. As you can see, I had a double cylinder before and now a single cylinder with a thumb turn. 🙂

Hello new light!

My lighting project

I took out the vanity light fixture in the spare bath. Then, I saw that there was no junction box like it was supposed to.

So, I decided to add it myself and was slightly deterred by my coworker that insisted I needed to call an electrician to do it. I mean, I can understand if it was to pull new wire but this was basically cutting a hole in the drywall and installing the box. I got the one with the tabs but the tabs fell as I was putting it on. I hate those things so I ended up getting another one that seems more secure – along with anchor screws for the fixture. The stuff they supply in the kits are weak.

It is up now and looks pretty cool – modern but a little retro at the same time. I still need to fix the wall around it which I’ll do when it comes time to paint. 

Before and after – front porch

I replaced my front porch light today. The first pic was the one that came with the house. It was getting worn and stuff so I ordered this stainless steel one from Lowes. The only beef I have is the fixture isn’t able to fit a CFL socket dusk to dawn adapter. I have to figure out another way to not have a darkened house when I come home. 

Since this is the weekend we go back to Daylight Savings, I guess I have until the fall to figure out. I need to fix that bare spot now :(. Then change the doorbell. It’s looking a little ragged and dirty. 

Updating the outdoor lighting

I started to plan my outdoor space today. I have ideas right now and have just started to transfer them on paper. 

In the meantime, I did give my house a minor facelift. A new light fixture. The porch light now has a yellow light bulb so bugs won’t attack my guests and its new fixture is on order and scheduled to arrive mid March.

So the before pic is what came with the house. Blah and looked really weathered. I don’t know how old it was. The new fixture came from Lowes. It was on clearance and because the install kit was missing, they knocked an additional $20 off of it to $30 since I had to buy the stuff separately. It even has a dusk to dawn sensor in it too which I didn’t realize at first and thought I messed up on the install. 

One of the things I had to buy, I’m attaching because it was just too damn funny. Seriously, who names these things?!!!!

New paint on spare room

Finished (for the most part) painting the spare room last night. 

The dark brown wall is Benjamin Moore – Stone Brown – a very beautiful, deep, rich color. Then I used BM Iced Slate which is a soft grey blue color. Right now, the room is picking up more of the blue than grey. (Maybe because it is a rainy day?) Thanks again Sanders!! 🙂

New (working) stove!

I got a new stove today. It wasn’t a purchase I originally intended to buy right away but I sort of got into a bacon incident when I first moved to the house that involved a fire extinguisher. 

Since then, I was afraid to use the oven even though the cooktop part worked. It got to the point where I just had to do something and that was to buy a new stove. So… what to buy… I went to my neighborhood Lowes and ended up with this new bad boy.

I’ve got the ovens turned on right now and had to take down my smoke alarms because I guess with new ovens you need to burn off the residue. Damn alarms kept going off making a ton of racket. BUT it looks good. 

I’m attempting Brunswick Stew this weekend… I think.

Dining room – before and after

Dining Room Project

This was another room I began and then went back to take down popcorn. The first thing I did was take down the original light fixture and replaced it (my first real foray into electrical). Lamp is from Lowes and I’m using LED bulbs on a dimmer switch (that I added). 

Then I painted with Benjamin Moore Flora. 

Next was taking down the popcorn and this was really when I used that bead of caulk between the ceiling and the walls. It made everything pop even more and help hide some of the scrape marks I made from depopcorning. 

Most recently I went back and updated the electrical switches and outlets but that will be another entry. 

Finally I got the table and moved the liquor cabinet around a bazillion times. 

I still need chairs which I might look at next weekend. 

Some (relatively) quick fixes

So when I bought the house, there were TONS of track lighting. HOT track lighting (and not in a good kind of way) with halogens. Track lighting in the living room and in the hallway. So I decided to take them down (after I painted the hall) and as I removed them, I decided to take down the popcorn too. 

Yes so that is how it all began. Here are some of the before and after pics. 


1. Do not paint walls before depopcorning. 

2. Not all ceiling paints in white is really white. I’ve found Benjamin Moore – Waterborne paint and that is a beautiful, brilliant white. (Thanks Sanders!)

3. Have caulk handy just in case (I’ve been putting a bead of it at the joint where the ceiling and walls meet.

4. Prime the ceiling with some sand for texture and make DAMN SURE it is fully dry before putting on the BM paint.