Dining Room Ceiling

I changed the ceiling color over the weekend from Ceiling White (Benjamin Moore) to a blend of approximately 2 parts of the white to 1 part of Dolphin.

It looked a bit dark when I first started to paint it but once I got the whole ceiling done it was less subtle. It’s now a softer color which works in the dining room.




Ceiling Project – Day 3

Ceiling – Day 3
You’re not mistaken in thinking my ceiling looks pink. It sort of is. For the primer coat I add painters sand to add just a little texture – the scraped ceiling isn’t completely smooth. So to compensate, I add just a little extra to the paint.

It also means I won’t waste the Benjamin Moore stuff :).

In the past, I have used the paint color the previous owner left. I knew I didn’t have quite enough for the entire ceiling so I bought a couple cans of oops paint. (Behr paint smells!)

My supervisors kept a close eye on me most of the afternoon.

Another thing about priming is to avoid the peeling like you see in the third pic. Luckily I had some plaster of Paris I bought for another project. I mixed some up and fixed the peeling paper.

I also decided to go ahead and paint the ceiling around the AC vents so I can have it on tomorrow. 🙂 I ended up using Dolphin. I personally think it is a chinchilla color – warm and rich. 🙂

Paint Swatches for Living Room Ceiling

Ceiling for my living room

Here are my swatches and I have until Memorial Day weekend to decide on the color.

After getting them home and putting them up high were the wall met ceiling (tape on popcorn doesn’t stick), I almost immediately eliminated the darkest color, Iron Mountain.

The tannish color, Meditation is close to being eliminated because it looks too yellow in some lights but in others, it looks fine.

That leaves the 2 similar, dark taupey grey colors, Chelsea Gray (the larger swatch) and Dolphin.

Under CFL light (2nd pic) Dolphin stands out. I don’t know if that is also because the wall was Flora (minus 50% intensity either).

I then took the swatches into the dining room that is painted entirely of Flora and depopcorned. There, I stuck it up onto the ceiling to get a better view (photo 3 & 4). Iron Mountain was gone. Three was with natural light and 4 was with the dining room light (LED) on.

Meditation didn’t look that bad but still not 100% sold on it. It’s still up there though.

Last night I moved them back to the living room and into the corner where there is the least amount of light (pic 5). And the view this morning when I moved them once again so they hugged that corner.

I think Chelsea Gray is just a shade lighter than Dolphin. Both would look awesome and should warm up that room. I’m sort of waffling between the colors but I think by next week, I’ll decide.

Quick Fix for Fan Cover

That silvery bathroom fan cover had been driving me crazy – especially since painting the ceiling. It stuck out way too much. So yesterday, during mental breaks at work, I looked at new bathroom fans. 

Then I looked at a YouTube video on how to install one and realized I didn’t want to do that. The existing fan is still working so that old addage of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kept running through my head. 

Instead what I did was take that cover out and since it was cleaned up when I worked on the ceiling a couple weeks ago, I just had to shake any dust.

Couple coats of white spray paint followed by a clear coat (all satin finish) and voila. You can still see it but it doesn’t stand out as much. I do need to change out that light bulb because it looks old and there are rust spots inside (WTF).

Eventually it will need to be replaced, I’m sure. Maybe when it comes time to remodel the master bath that one will need to be redone. Who knows but for now, this was an easy fix. 

Destroyed more popcorn!

Took down some popcorn today. I started before 8am (thanks to the boys waking me up early). I was finished taking down popcorn by about 10 with the texture/primer coat by 11. 

A couple lessons learned – clean as you go instead of waiting until the end. As you can see, I didn’t tarp the bathroom and it was a horrible mess. That shop-vac is so worth the money.

I added the final coat at about 5 and it looks great. Yes the ceiling paint went to the walls but since they’re going to be painted (walk-in hopefully by the weekend and bathroom eventually), I didn’t feel the need to be too careful. 

This was also the first home project with the kittens. I think other than a little paint that easily wiped off on Floyd and a couple white whiskers on Puck, they were good boys – very curious boys. 

To Depopcorn or Not to Depopcorn

That, has been the million dollar question. 

I was going to rent scaffolding and a sprayer to paint the ceiling because it would hopefully soften the popcorny look and make it look less dingy and grey. 

Since I would need to get the scaffolding regardless (vaulted ceilings, up to 14’ I believe) and paint, regardless, I was thinking of whether or not I just want to half-ass my way and just apply paint over the stuff or take down popcorn and smooth things out. 

I know there will be imperfections, they were there in all the ceilings I took down last year. BUT, it will look better and with the paint I use, it will be ultra flat white. 

So yeah, while it will be harder work, I’d be happier with the end result. Kitties might not like being sequestered but they won’t want to be walking on wet, icky plaster crap either. 

I think my project plate has grown once again. I have a list that will, no doubt, keep me busy. 

Depopcorning Tools

One of the big things I’ve had to do was take down popcorn. It is not an easy feat and it’s messy as hell. 

I got the Homax scraper from Home Depot and I thought it was decent but soon after, my 3” chiseled scraper ran circles around the stupid scraper. 

If you’re going to de-popcorn, a spray bottle with a white vinegar and water solution works best and you might want to get those respirator masks. I didn’t but I think I will be when it comes to the bathrooms.