Console/Credenza Update

Quick update on the console –

Slowly but surely, this is getting done.

This is a pic this evening


The outside has been completely painted and will be ready for turquoise chalk paint in the inside. Currently, the inside is still dirty especially compared to the newly painted sides.

Before fitting the sides back, I dry fitted the top. Shaping the zinc sheet will be the timely piece.

20131110-182442.jpgFor the doors, that will be another week. I had bought a polycarbonate sheet and learned not to cut using a circular saw. :-/ it cracked so I am ordering one precut to my specs. The clear piece will be the center and the sliding doors have been made shorter to accommodate the new piece.


Console for my Office

I picked this bad boy up today (as you can see, Puck is inspecting it) for $60 for the office.


The old stereo console I bought last year turned out to require more work than I was wanting to do (the bottom was rotted out so the legs were wobbly).

The slide doors need to be replaced so I’m thinking acrylic work maybe some metal in the middle.

The frame has already been spray painted since the metal was badly tarnished.



The trigger thing is awesome, by the way.