Chihuly Inspired but with Plastic

All day today, I have been looking at cool ways to update my lighting. I was looking at marbelizing paper to make into lamp shades and stuff like that. 

Then I started thought of using paper thin plastic sheets. That led to shrinky dinks (yes, I’m dating myself). In that search, I saw that #6 plastic could be morphed into more organic shapes. They can also be painted.

Then I thought of Dale Chihuly. I am a HUGE fan ever since I went to the Glass Museum in Tacoma. 

Now I think I create inspired pieces that is cheap and probably fun to make. As potential lighting features, it would (hopefully) look like I spent a mint when I didn’t. 

Chihuly Inspired but with Plastic


Interesting way to repurpose blue painters tape



It’s been a while since our first “Inspired by…” post in which designer Brad Ascalon created a concept baginspired by the Ultrabook. The reason I started this Inspired by… series was to give designers the opportunity to explore new materials and push the boundaries of what’s possible as well as give us a peek into the design process. But, most of all, it’s just plain fun.

And what’s more fun than tearing off strips of blue tape after you’ve painted a wall, forming a giant tape ball indicative of all your hard work? It’s satisfying, really, when you squish all that tape together into that giant mass of stickyness. And that idea was the starting point for the following project.

Cool idea