Not Quite DIY

This is actually store bought – from Target. I had thought about creating a mirrored nightstand on my own but it would have been a lot of work.


The only thing I didn’t like was the blah knob.


So I bought a different one and replaced it.


A little splash of purple to match the room.




Master Bath Door – part deux

I fixed the door so it no longer had the hematite color trim. I also added a little bling with a door knob.

Hung door


I had entertained the idea of mounting it in the center but I think that might have been too different (unless I was in Europe or the Shire).

Door knob detail


I think I might use the same style for the closet door since it will be painted the same gray.

It was a splurge since it was almost twice as much as the door itself but it looks so cool!


I still have to find a handle for the bathroom side – that’s still a work in progress.