Curbside Appeal – New Paint Job!

It had taken a while to decide whether or not to get my house painted. This year’s stormy weather didn’t help as some of the old paint started to chip off.

I knew at some point I was going to have to hire someone to do this work because a) bugs automatically gravitate towards me and I get bitten in minutes, b) the heat, and c) it would involve ladders.

I got a few bids to be smart as I started to wade through paint swatches. (I’m really happy I waited because a couple years ago, I had wanted a bright, spring green color with dark brown trim which would have clashed with my existing brick façades.)

I found a painter that wasn’t the least expensive, nor was he the most expensive. He was able to not just do the prepwork, he replaced some siding that was rotted or was rotting out.

So the before picture (this was the official listing photo for the house 4 years ago):

With the help of my friend Sanders, I was able to narrow down my colors. I wanted a clean look and decided not to use a separate trim color for the fascia and the shutters like before. I wanted one color (a grayish color for the body that didn’t clash with the brick) with a bit of pop around the front door and the same color was to be used on the patio door. According to some really BASIC research on feng shui, the best color would be bluish to represent water.

I got samples and painted them onto a piece of foam board (with Puck supervising).


Then put it out to look at the colors during different times of the day. I had a feeling San Antonio Gray was the best match when I taped the little sample square onto the house one weekend. This just confirmed it. It was the blue that was harder to pick but in the end, Ash Blue was the winner.

IMG_3757IMG_3759 IMG_3769

The work—

One of the first things he did was remove the decorative railing on the porch. The posts had started to rot at the bottom and since they weren’t load bearing, I decided I didn’t want them anymore. Then some siding panels were replaced (one section looked as though mushrooms were growing from it.) 😦 After pressure washing the house, even more paint peeled off, giving my house a really dilapidated, hobo look to it.


There was a lot of bondo, sanding, and sealing after that. (The second picture is the porch without the railing now.)

IMG_3805 IMG_3807

Then I came home to a painted house! First thing I noticed was NO MORE ORANGEY COLOR! 🙂


Yep, it’s the right color. IMG_3810

View from inside the house looking towards the porch.


Sunrise picture of house (note the orange trim was still on the door). IMG_3813

IMG_3816 The faux shutters need to be replaced. I was told they were cracking.

Back of the house before trim color. IMG_3817

Then came the blue:

Spraying the patio door. I thought it looked cool and artsy. 🙂 IMG_3818

The front door. IMG_3819

It’s a little overexposed but there is a hint of the blue trim from the curb. IMG_3820 IMG_3824 View from the back.

It looks great though now I will need to really start working on the curb appeal and landscape the yard a little.

I Figured Out the Electrical

The good news is I figured out the problem. The timer switch I bought was 20A and it replaced a 15A. Plus, the paired switch in the garage was also 15A. Granted, I’m not an electrician but it made sense why it didn’t work.

The bad news was I didn’t figure it out until early this morning. This after having a rough night sleeping since I was paranoid I somehow messed up on the wiring.

When I looked at the package to confirm, it said 20 amps in teeny, tiny letters. The good news was I DID do the wiring correctly… it just didn’t realize the amperage was off. When I got back from running, I switched back to the standard light switches and they immediately worked. :-/

Unfortunately, the orange big-box store doesn’t carry any 15 amp ones and must be ordered online (and it wouldn’t be here until near the end of the month). The blue big-box stores don’t carry any.

I ended up buying one and using my Prime membership so it will be here early this week. It is by Leviton and was one of a handful that worked with CFL bulbs. I was going to go with Honeywell but they only are incandescent and halogen compatible :(.

On one hand, I’m glad I figured it out. On the other, I wasted my afternoon yesterday AND got bitten by a slew of mosquitos while working on this stupid project.

I should have gotten paint and painted instead.

And yes, that is a bit of a rant – my words were a lot more colorful this morning.

Electrical Stuff

I worked on installing a timer switch today. It’s so I could program my outside lights.

It took a couple hours to install and the programming part works.


However, the lights aren’t working and it’s most likely due to the switch in the garage. I don’t think I used a three-way switch.

I’ll have to get one tomorrow and install. I got bitten by too many bugs today. 😦

Front Door Idea

Saw a similar version of this door yesterday when I picked up my door hardware. The glass inserts were privacy glass and there was no sidelite so it didn’t look so squatty. 

Given my interior door style, I think this would complement everything. They did suggest that I wait to get the new handleset and just put it in the new door so it’ll be down the line, I suppose. 

Before and after – front porch

I replaced my front porch light today. The first pic was the one that came with the house. It was getting worn and stuff so I ordered this stainless steel one from Lowes. The only beef I have is the fixture isn’t able to fit a CFL socket dusk to dawn adapter. I have to figure out another way to not have a darkened house when I come home. 

Since this is the weekend we go back to Daylight Savings, I guess I have until the fall to figure out. I need to fix that bare spot now :(. Then change the doorbell. It’s looking a little ragged and dirty.