Fun little pieces around the house

It’s been a while since I’ve done some home improvement stuff but I did add some flair recently.

These little guys are from the Turquoise Door on SoCo and I have them randomly through the house. 

Amazing what spray paint can do

Before and After

I decided to change the hardware on my liquor cabinet. As you can see from the first pic (well, sort of) it had the antique brassy look. 

I took off all the metal hardware and used Oil Rubbed Bronze metallic spray paint. I keep a can of it handy to use on most of my metal stuff that is hung. My coworker said it adds a little more oomph to stuff you’d buy at Hobby Lobby and stuff like that and I agree with her. 

So here is the cabinet with the newly dressed up metal. Now it matches the rest of the house. 🙂

Dining room – before and after

Dining Room Project

This was another room I began and then went back to take down popcorn. The first thing I did was take down the original light fixture and replaced it (my first real foray into electrical). Lamp is from Lowes and I’m using LED bulbs on a dimmer switch (that I added). 

Then I painted with Benjamin Moore Flora. 

Next was taking down the popcorn and this was really when I used that bead of caulk between the ceiling and the walls. It made everything pop even more and help hide some of the scrape marks I made from depopcorning. 

Most recently I went back and updated the electrical switches and outlets but that will be another entry. 

Finally I got the table and moved the liquor cabinet around a bazillion times. 

I still need chairs which I might look at next weekend.