Phase II Office Door

Phase II of Office Door

Today was the 2nd round of paint stripping and I managed to get rid of over 90% of the door and I’d say about 80% of the window area. 

Next step will be some sanding on both sides before primer and then finally will be the main paint color. 

Slowly but surely. 


Phase I Office Door

Phase I of Office Barn Door – complete

Remember my purchase a couple months ago? I bought the barndoor hardware this weekend at Callahan’s Hardware – less than $100 (for a 6’ track) plus a can of spray paint to make the color look more uniform. 

Started to strip the blue paint today, but I’m not done though. 😦 As you can see from the progression of photos, there was another layer. DOH! (insert long strings of expletives here)

I got most of the blue off and it confirmed that the wood that I’m seeing isn’t really worth refinishing to the point of staining. SO the original plan of painting it in Benjamin Moore’s Wrought Iron stands. 

Next week I hope to finish that side and start filling the nail/screw holes so it can be painted after. 

I’ll put another 2 or 3 coats of Satin Nickel on the barndoor hardware and then it’ll be close to install. 

The brass door hardware has been removed so I can clean it. I just need to research a chemical free way of cleaning that. 

Salvage Places

Looking around online today, I discovered a couple more places I need to check for salvaged/vintage/antique doors. I’ll start my search this Saturday, maybe after I throw a coat of paint on one of my existing doors.

This will probably be a project I’ll work on throughout the year because I need to find the right door. The place in North Austin, Backyard Salvage and Garden has them but they’re a bit spendy. 

I’ll check the other two places. It will definitely be the master bath (solid door) and office (door with glass). If I can find two identical solid doors, I might consider using it for the master closet too.

The hardware will be affordable – tractor supply store will have stuff and I’m sure Ace hardwares will too. 

First step is looking for the door and bringing it home. 🙂