Retro Door

Sneak peek –

This door will be my new masterbath door and it’ll be hung barndoor style.

I’m also going to go monochromatic for now and go with Rock Gray by Benjamin Moore.

Once again, my friend Sanders chose well.

Closet Door Recap

Coat Closet Door Woes

I decided for the coat closet to do a ball catch/dummy lock instead of the standard door handle (so you just pull to open instead of turning the knob or (in my case) a lever. So I ordered it and when it arrived, I noticed it was supposed to be attached on the door surface (no hole is needed) but that wouldn’t work with my door because it was pre-bored.

So, I called Emtek and they sent me a pre-bored door kit. The only problem, the shape wouldn’t allow my square rosette to fit. 

I took it to a local Emtek dealer and they used a grinder so it fits now. They also fixed the threads on one of the screws so I could secure it. 

Picked it up yesterday and installed it last night. Now the door looks very nice. 🙂 

I just need to pick up some powertools and then redo that trim with MDF instead of pine or whatever they gave me. 

Closet Door done!

One door complete!

Most of the interior doors will be this raised, 3 panel style eventually. It was painted with Benjamin Moore Advance (alkyd paint) Satin in Wrought Iron. The trim is Benjamin Moore Advance in Super White. 

The door hardware is from Emtek – Stuttgard with square rosettes. As I was installing them tonight, I kept thinking to myself how I should have just gotten round rosettes because lining the square so it was straight was not easy.

This was the closet door. I have the spare bath one half painted in the garage. 

I’m also planning to paint the other doors the Wrought Iron, even though I’ll be replacing them. At least they’ll all be uniform in color in the meantime. 

It looks like I’ll need 2 solid core slab doors for the 2 other bedrooms and one hollow core one for the linen closet. 

The other doors will be barn door style. 

That leaves a cool front door and the one to the garage. I think with the door to the garage, I’ll just paint it so it is no longer the gloss white with the smudges. 

Door Find at a Salvage Store!

I took a little trip to Johnson City today to a salvage place and found this door with this price. 

Looks like $45 right? Apparently, it was supposed to be $145 but they gave it to me for 45. WHEW! I didn’t find out the real price until it was inside my Prius. 

It is now in my garage and I can’t wait to work on it. There is still parts of old hardware on it which I’ll keep. The glass is slightly distorted. I wouldn’t be able to date it but it is way cool. 

Love this Idea

I’m totally loving the barn door look and I think, I could pull it off for the office and master bath.

The key is finding the right door. Habitat restore didn’t really have what I was looking for. There is a salvage place up north that might.

Hardware I can find at the tractor supply company.

Maybe I’ll trek over to look at doors this weekend and see what they have. I can take my time taking the paint off and prettying it up.

Love this brand of door hardware

I discovered Emtek door hardware today. They feel heavier than Schlage which had been my choice.

I also discovered that I wasn’t THAT keen on the Century handleset with Latitude levers. I hadn’t seen it at the big box stores but was able to see and touch them at BMC (a builders supply store). They felt too squared off but at the same time, not hefty enough, which I’d want, for security. 

Emtek on the other hand, felt significantly weightier. The Stuttgart levers are tubular and had the option of either the round or square rosette. I’m going for the square. Most of it will need to be special ordered, I believe because there are so many combinations available. 

The sales guy said Baldwin was actually even more expensive (I guess their big box line is a lower grade?) but thought Emtek had better quality.

Yes, I’m picky since I really want a sleek, modern look but I think in the end, I’ll be very happy. 

Baby steps…lots of baby steps. 

Doors and hardware


First of all, stupid tumblr didn’t let me post this this morning on my phone :(. 

So, different door woes this time. I had sort of decided that I would slowly replace my 6 panel doors. It would be based on priority, with the wonky 2nd bath first since it doesn’t look like it was installed correctly. Last night, I discovered, thanks to Floyd and Puck wrestling around, that the master bath doesn’t close. It shuts but doesn’t click shut. 

The spare bath definitely needs to be replace so hello, prehung door. I think I will need a prehung for the other bathroom but the rest, I think I can get away with slab doors. 

The three panel, raised Craftsman door is what I’m looking at. I wanted the 5 panel ones but they don’t match the house. If this was a mid-century house, I think it would work better. With the modern door fixtures I’m planning to get, I think it will give it nice touch. Hopefully the handles are ninja kitten proof too. 

My project list gets reshuffled and shuffled again. I am definitely going to get at least one new door, depopcorn the secondary bath ceiling and maybe do that patch of brown above the tub shower surround. I’ll add the green as well as lighting later. 

Some more ideas for front door

Front Door Ideas – part deux

So the website had an app to show what the door would look like. 

Those are the choices. My favorite, given the way it looks with the house, is the one with the 3 narrow rectangles, followed by the 3 squares.