New Door!

Today I got my front door installed!

Goodbye, 6-panel steel door:


And HELLO to my new, more modern door:

IMG_4426 IMG_4427

I had the installer remove my old trim since it would need to be replaced.  I had originally planned to buy the trim and had it ready and painted by install day but, things were too busy so I bought them that morning and didn’t install it until in the afternoon.


View of the door hardware:


Right now, the orange really clashes with the door. 😦 I have plans already to get the exterior done and will finalize the colors later in the month. (THEN I’ll post a pic of the door from outside)

New Front Door 





I finally decided on a front door today. I had been looking off and on for a long time since I wanted something a little modern and different from the front door I have right now.



The new door had to have some windows and I had thought these would look nice. The problem with the first door was the fact that it had large pieces of glass and I didn’t think I would feel secure. The vertical one was cool but I didn’t think it worked with my house.

IMG_3985 IMG_3984

I thought the idea of having horizontal slats would be the best but narrower.

The first thing I had to do though was figure out the direction my door was facing for feng shui purposes. I don’t necessarily follow it but figured it never hurts to have good ju-ju. 🙂 I got a compass and it showed that my door faced North. My original idea of having a red door wasn’t going to work and I was a little bummed out. (Always wanted a red door but it was not meant to be) A blue or black door, however, would work.


So today, I put in an order for this door (probably this very model which is a mahogany with an ebony finish) and this handleset – Emtek’s Davos in a satin nickel. I originally thought a flat black finish would look amazing but wasn’t sure how the Texas weather would treat the flat black in 5-10 years. The inside lever would be the same as my existing ones (Stuttgart).

They’ll be at the house to measure and tally up the cost (eeks!).


IMG_4030 IMG_4031

Door Hardware Bling

My door to the backyard is almost closer to being done. As you can see, I had a double cylinder before and now a single cylinder with a thumb turn. 🙂

Closet Door Recap

Coat Closet Door Woes

I decided for the coat closet to do a ball catch/dummy lock instead of the standard door handle (so you just pull to open instead of turning the knob or (in my case) a lever. So I ordered it and when it arrived, I noticed it was supposed to be attached on the door surface (no hole is needed) but that wouldn’t work with my door because it was pre-bored.

So, I called Emtek and they sent me a pre-bored door kit. The only problem, the shape wouldn’t allow my square rosette to fit. 

I took it to a local Emtek dealer and they used a grinder so it fits now. They also fixed the threads on one of the screws so I could secure it. 

Picked it up yesterday and installed it last night. Now the door looks very nice. 🙂 

I just need to pick up some powertools and then redo that trim with MDF instead of pine or whatever they gave me.