Entry Door Wishlist

These two Emtek sets are on my wishlist.

My top choice is this Ares with a brush nickel finish and my Stuttgart lever.

The second choice is Baden.

I debated over the style for over a year but I think this is it.

Front Door Idea

Saw a similar version of this door yesterday when I picked up my door hardware. The glass inserts were privacy glass and there was no sidelite so it didn’t look so squatty. 

Given my interior door style, I think this would complement everything. They did suggest that I wait to get the new handleset and just put it in the new door so it’ll be down the line, I suppose. 

Door and hardware ideas

I’ve been looking at doors and hardware again. The bad thing is I missed out on the Fed Tax credit on buying a new door. My current one is just your run of the mill 6 panel door. I want some more oomph so this is what I’ve picked for my wish list. Or something close to it. The pic is a Jeld-Wen door but there is a similar Masonite door that comes prepainted in brick red. (hmmm, something to think about) 

For hardware, originally I thought the egg shaped knobs would be cool and they are but not exactly the most practical. So, I’m tentatively got this on my wish list – Schlage Century with Latitude levers. It has a more modern look that will fit the rest of the interior.