Another Phase of my Office is Complete

I now have wood floors in my office!

I began the project on Thanksgiving Day and managed to get about 7 rows in before breaking for dinner.


The next morning, I was on a roll and managed to complete over 2/3 of the room before I ran out of glue.

IMG_3504 IMG_3505

I was scraping off the bottom of the can but it wasn’t enough to finish the rest of the room. Being that it was Black Friday, I was not about to go and venture out just for a can of glue so I decided to wait until the week after to complete. I did bring my area rug out to see how it would turn out though.


I also received a few more sunburst mirrors to add to the decor of the room. 🙂

IMG_3507 IMG_3506


Back to the glue – I debated for a while on whether or not to use the same Bostik glue as the rest of the room. It only comes in a 3.5 gallon container and is $160 at Lowes so I was hesitant at first. I was close to buying a different glue but remembered my glue fiasco in the living-dining room last year and opted for the same can (which will prompt me to add flooring to my master closet soon).

This past Friday, I finished and it took about 2 hours.


After removing the tape and moving some items back (with Puck as my model).


Given the look of the room, I’m once again debating the color of Lola. It would seem a bright color would be too much for the small room so I’m thinking of something understated. Stay tuned.


Memorial Day Weekend Project

This year for my extended weekend, I added flooring to my master bedroom. I had taken out the carpet about a month ago so it was just a cement slab.


I began Thursday morning and bought flooring glue. I decided to not use the Roberts brand like I did in the living and dining room, but instead, used a product from Bostik (at Lowes – single app). It was a little more expensive that the stuff I bought before and needed about 2 cans of it.

When I got home, I tore up the old baseboards and much of the door casing that would be in the way of the new floors. On the first day, I managed to get one can worth of glue down. It was well worth the money – it spread easier (I don’t know if it had to do with the warmer temps or not) and I don’t think I had any hollow spots like before. The only complaint was I had to skim out a good amount off the first can.



The next morning (after having slept in the spare room) I was ready to tackle the rest but also dreading the possibility of buying yet another can if I ran out. (I wish they made smaller containers so there’s less waste). It was a little tedious but I managed to get it all done without running out of glue!

IMG_2824 IMG_2825


I was exhausted but felt very VERY accomplished. I calculated it and it was roughly 180 square feet. It felt really good that I managed to get it done in 2 days. I did cheat a little and set up my bed (just the boxspring and mattress) to avoid sleeping in the spare room that night. I figured by then, the floor was well on it’s way of curing.

I also unfurled the new area rug that night (as modeled by Puck).



On Saturday, I added some baseboards—mostly for the area behind the bed because I really didn’t want to move that sucker once it was put back together. I caulked and touched up the paint on Sunday before moving the bed closer towards the wall. I also brought the nightstand from the spare bedroom into the master bedroom. (Yes, the bedroom door will eventually be replaced but that isn’t a top priority at the moment.)

IMG_2834 IMG_2838


Today I decided to change up the nightstand a little since it was going to be hard to find something similar. I decided to glam it up a bit with some spray paint and a little elbow grease.

IMG_2843 IMG_2846 IMG_2845

It was a good (and easy) rainy day project that didn’t take a whole lot of blood, sweat or tears. I’ll have to replace the current crystal lamp with another one since my current one has several chips in it but for now, it will sit on that table (once it is fully dried).


I’ll have to go over the decorative edging with some metallic paint — probably something a little darker than the Brilliant Silver paint.

I also found a table that will sit on the other side – a $30 thrift shop find. It will be painted the same color with the option of adding glass onto the doors in the future.



Flooring and Other Stuff

My goal was to finish my flooring before the end of New Year’s Day. I finished my living room and dining room last night. 🙂

IMG_2310 After cleaning off the access glue, I ripped out the last of the big pieces of moulding and then marked up my lines for glue. I had about 54 inches remaining.

About 2 hours later and feeding time for the kitties, I took a break and figured I’d finish up the next day – about 24 inches left.



An hour or so later, I decided to get back into my working clothes and finish it up. I really didn’t want to work on it anymore so I sucked it up and plowed through. Believe me, at this point, my arms were aching and my knees were cursing me like crazy.

The last row was probably the hardest. My non-square house really showed its colors when every section I had to rip, I had to increase by a minimum of 1/8 inch. But, the biggest thing was it was done.

IMG_2314 Floyd had to inspect my work.

Today, I added a couple little things to make that wall look better. I got some moulding – I took whatever was precut since I was too tired to work a hand saw. One piece fit that wall perfectly.

I also bought a piece of perforated metal to fashion a cold air return. The problem with mine is it isn’t affixed properly and as I removed to paint a few times, there was no longer any drywall to screw the vent cover into.


Originally before I became more creative, I had wanted to buy one but they’re crazy expensive. Then I found this earlier this year and was inspired. So inspired that I bought the same cloverleaf sheet. Because I am a fan of geometric patterns.



For the frame, I used some of the pieces I bought earlier this year for future door casings. I thought it would add some cohesion to the house by using the same materials. After dry fitting it, I primed the metal for paint and then cut to size. I used my staple gun to attach the sides together and did a block cut versus miter cuts so they would (again) match what the millwork around the doors.

I used my paint sprayer on the pieces and a couple hours later, it was dry enough to work on.

First I attached the moulding and then it was time to put the new register up. (nail gun is a lifesaver!)  Before I did, I added a mesh screen (used for windows and screen doors) behind the metal grate. Not really as a dust filter, but more to keep any large critters out. I wish they sold the mesh by the foot or yard because I had to buy the smallest roll available.



To keep the spacing consistent, I have been using popsicle (from the craft store) sticks as “spacers”. The register is fully attached and caulked onto the wall. There is no filter to it – the filter is in the HVAC accessed in my garage.


This pic was before I caulked around the edges to give more of a seamless look. It looks really good with the new baseboard too.


Flooring Update

It’s nearly done! I’m definitely at the final stretch and I’m on track to complete before the new year. After taking a bit of a break until after Christmas, I started back up again on Thursday and Friday night. Thursday was a bit of a fail as I tried to use the last can of that expired glue. It started to set in about 30 minutes so I only managed 2.5 rows before giving up.

On Friday, I got a new can of glue and started back to work for about 2 hours. (excuse the mess)



On Saturday I looked at different nail guns and decided to go ahead and opt for one with an air compressor. The cordless ones were just too bulky for me to handle (and handle safely).



This came as a kit and worked really nicely. The air compressor was kind of small but since I’m slow, it filled up and the motor would shut off (my kitties appreciated that). I worked most of the moulding install with just the air that was already in the tank and installed the moulding on the TV wall last night.



Then, since the place was just too dang cluttered, I put my pipe shelving back up, opening a little more space.



One more item to show. I was out shopping today at Target and found this for 50% off since it was part of their holiday collection. Regular price was $19.99 so this was 10 bucks

IMG_2299 It has a tree motif which was perfect!



My new log bin! The basket was too close to the wood tones plus it was an open weave so stuff got through the bottom and I don’t want to scratch my new floors so soon. Especially after all the work I put into it. 🙂


More flooring

I did some more today.

I bought a different brand of all-in-one adhesive at a discount. The stuff had a 2011 lot date so I got 2 cans for the price of one after the store opened up one can. Plus it was workable between 55 – 95 degrees so I thought with this weekend’s deep freeze, it was perfect.

It worked and was still sticky but the working time was shortened – probably due to the age of the glue. So needless to say, there was a huge mess factor.

I had to say uncle half way through the 15th & 16th row. The glue is all over my trowel so I need to clean that up once the glue is dried. The boards were having a hard time connecting together because of the glue factor too.

I’m more than half way done with my dining room. Slowly but

Big Flooring Project Started

I finally started on the project!

I began on Thanksgiving by dry fitting the first couple rows. Sounds simple enough – the first day was a mess. Using a chalkline was a joke – the glue would mix with the chalk and I ended up putting more glue past the line than intended.

I didn’t realize the glue was like taffy. I definitely got a real workout this weekend. :-/.


The second day was a little better. I decided to use my laser level to draw out a line and then got a straight edge and sharpie to mark the line. That helped and I only got a little glue past the line. Another thing that kept me busy yesterday was finally installing the table saw. That thing is AWESOME – I’m glad I opted for this instead of a miter saw.


This little guy saved me by getting the access glue off –  and pretty quickly too. Otherwise, I would have just spent the day crying and scraping by hand.


I got the floor from the dining room and the living room to join up too. YAY!

I wasted a little of the taffy glue when some of the top skinned over and dried. There is still about a third left but not sure how much of that will be usable when I do this again the coming weekend.

Trim is in the house and you can see the bottom pic for more detail. I’ll get the wall done during the week. I can move the cat tree back to the window too so the boys will have entertainment.







The trim was also painted and will go up this week. Just on the completed wall.

Finalized on Flooring

Flooring decided!

I’m going with a hickory engineered wood. In the first pic, Floyd was gracious to model the sample.

The second view was last night under the ceiling fan light.

The price isn’t bad either – very competitive with the discount flooring places. Thank you Castle Flooring!

At the earliest, I’ll place the order in July.

My goal is to get the living room complete by Christmas. 🙂

It is a cool color with some grey and red tones. I love the grain patterns and yes, this one is handscraped but it isn’t overly done like some of the stuff I saw.

I have also decided on the fireplace tile. Crossville tile’s Pennsylvania blue stone tile. It’s the third pic, top right. I just need to figure out the layout design. 🙂

I feel so productive today.