Big Flooring Project Started

I finally started on the project!

I began on Thanksgiving by dry fitting the first couple rows. Sounds simple enough – the first day was a mess. Using a chalkline was a joke – the glue would mix with the chalk and I ended up putting more glue past the line than intended.

I didn’t realize the glue was like taffy. I definitely got a real workout this weekend. :-/.


The second day was a little better. I decided to use my laser level to draw out a line and then got a straight edge and sharpie to mark the line. That helped and I only got a little glue past the line. Another thing that kept me busy yesterday was finally installing the table saw. That thing is AWESOME – I’m glad I opted for this instead of a miter saw.


This little guy saved me by getting the access glue off – ย and pretty quickly too. Otherwise, I would have just spent the day crying and scraping by hand.


I got the floor from the dining room and the living room to join up too. YAY!

I wasted a little of the taffy glue when some of the top skinned over and dried. There is still about a third left but not sure how much of that will be usable when I do this again the coming weekend.

Trim is in the house and you can see the bottom pic for more detail. I’ll get the wall done during the week. I can move the cat tree back to the window too so the boys will have entertainment.







The trim was also painted and will go up this week. Just on the completed wall.

Finalized on Flooring

Flooring decided!

I’m going with a hickory engineered wood. In the first pic, Floyd was gracious to model the sample.

The second view was last night under the ceiling fan light.

The price isn’t bad either – very competitive with the discount flooring places. Thank you Castle Flooring!

At the earliest, I’ll place the order in July.

My goal is to get the living room complete by Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚

It is a cool color with some grey and red tones. I love the grain patterns and yes, this one is handscraped but it isn’t overly done like some of the stuff I saw.

I have also decided on the fireplace tile. Crossville tile’s Pennsylvania blue stone tile. It’s the third pic, top right. I just need to figure out the layout design. ๐Ÿ™‚

I feel so productive today.