Phase 1 of the Pipe Shelving is Complete!


These were my Expedit shelves that I had vertically. I decided to incorporate them into a shelving unit that used pipes for the legs – giving it an industrial vibe.

I used Pratt & Lambert’s Ever Classic mixed up as a chalk style paint. I used plaster of Paris but there are other DIY variations. As I painted I also used some leftover Benjamin Moore Stone Brown to give the weathered wood look. The idea is when I start building the open shelves with reclaimed wood, I want to give them a slight weathered look.

It took all night to paint and attach it. At one point I thought offsetting them as I had on the diagram would look better but it didn’t.

As I build it up and out, it will be easier since I’m not using enclosed cubes or shelves anymore. 🙂

Proposed Pipe Shelving Design

Pipe shelving idea –

With my Ikea Expedit shelves. I’m liking the offset idea and that will work just as easily as the first version.

Idea for my Expedit Shelves

Shelving Idea

I have a couple Ikea Expedit units like the second pic and was going to line the entire wall with it. Then I saw the MCM look with the pipe fittings.

I think I can use my Expedits and have them supported on metal pipes and have them under my wide screen and then have pipe shelving around it. This way, I can build it as I go.

I think this will give a more modern twist to the classic Mid-Century Modern look.

I’ll try to use reclaimed materials as much as I can too.

Bath ideas

The picture above is my inspiration. Ikea’s Godmorgon floating vanity (mine will be either white but most likely the black-brown) with the Odensvik sink. 

I think I’m going with the 31 1/2 inch vanity versus the 23 5/8 one. It should fit better there and I won’t need to add another cabinet unless I had to. 

I’ll look at faucets later but it will be brushed nickel or brushed SS and modern looking. 

Still going to stick with the bright green and small pops of brown which is why I could go either way with the vanity. I think the black-brown would look more elegant.

LOVE the look of floating vanities and Ikea had great prices on theirs. Other places are crazy expensive.  

Ikea shelving idea

I want! I saw this at Ikea yesterday. I want to replace my current chintzy tv stand. I love the Expedit stuff they have and can build off of it so it’ll eventually look like I have some built-in shelving in the living room.

I’m also thinking of replacing the Billy bookshelves in the Office with Expedit. I can do the 4 square on the sides and then the long piece under the TV. They’ll be all white shelving though. Black-brown in the living room. 

AND it’s $99 not bad. The middle part can be used to put my DirecTV receiver and AppleTV.