Kitchen Valance

I haven’t done much with the kitchen as far as decorating. Mainly because I know the work will require some general contractor work with new cabinetry and stuff. Meanwhile, I did do a couple things to give it a fresher look.



Here is the realtor picture. The aluminum blinds were badly stained and probably original to the house. I updated with roller shades and just this weekend, I added some color with the valances.




Once I figure out a color for this area, I’ll rehang them so they’re even but for now it will due.

Kitchen idea

Kitchen Reno idea – 

While the kitchen reno will be a few years down the line, I’ve been gathering ideas already. The latest is inspired by the above picture. Clean, white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and red engineered stone or recycled glass countertop. For the back splash, I’m thinking a soft grey or something. 

I think it would be just enough color to make the tiny kitchen pop without it being overwhelming. 

New (working) stove!

I got a new stove today. It wasn’t a purchase I originally intended to buy right away but I sort of got into a bacon incident when I first moved to the house that involved a fire extinguisher. 

Since then, I was afraid to use the oven even though the cooktop part worked. It got to the point where I just had to do something and that was to buy a new stove. So… what to buy… I went to my neighborhood Lowes and ended up with this new bad boy.

I’ve got the ovens turned on right now and had to take down my smoke alarms because I guess with new ovens you need to burn off the residue. Damn alarms kept going off making a ton of racket. BUT it looks good. 

I’m attempting Brunswick Stew this weekend… I think.